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"Inheritance and transmission of digital heritage" interview with Camille Guil on France Bleu Azur

Transcript of the interview with Camille Guil, journalist at the Tribune Côte d'Azur who was a guest on the "La nouvelle eco" radio program on France Bleu Azuron November 25 on the theme ofheritage and digital transmission.


She answered some questions asked by Quentin, her counterpart from France Bleu Azur.

We have transcribed it for you.


According to the journalist of La Tribune, a person has an average of one hundred online accounts.

Between online banking, accounts such as Spotify, Netflix and everything related to health, insurance, social security as well as social networks, the list goes up pretty fast.


How does this relate to digital transmission?

Startup Legapass offers a solution for securing the transmission of digital heritageThis includes all your sensitive data (passwords, IDs, access codes, etc.).

Whether it's to give your friends and family access to your online accounts, or to different content such as videos, music or photos stored on your computer or cell phone.


How does it work?

"A person during his or her lifetime will create a space on Legapass to store all his or her data: content, passwords etc..."

The data is encrypted upon registration and sent to a temporary server to be stored in a real offline safe in order to avoid any hacking attempt. At the death of the person, his heirs will only have to recover the data via the bailiff who holds the key, able to decrypt them.


How much does it cost?

The cost of the offer was one of the questions asked to the journalist of the Côte d'Azur newspaper.

Camille Guil answered that it is possible to register for free, but there will be transfer costs for heirs A fixed rate of 460€, plus 10€ per year of conservation for a total amount that cannot exceed 600€.

She also mentioned the 2 premium packages: 1 annual subscription of 49.99€ and a lifetime subscription of 299€, with the advantage of not generating no transmission costs to be paid by the heirsThis is because everything is taken care of by the account holder during their lifetime.


Regarding Legapass, when was it launched?

In 2021, quite recently. Answered the journalist.

"It won the second prize for the young company of the UPE 06 at last year's Entreprenariales 2021 show with a special mention from the jury."

She also benefited from a subsidy of the French Tech by BPI France of 30 000€.

The platform was launched in April and with few competitors in the industry, the company is expanding rapidly.


What's next for Legapass?

"A fund raising which should be arriving soon, which will allow it to accelerate and recruit even more people. She recently joined the 13ème promotion of the Allianz France gas pedal. Later on, the start-up led by Jean-Charles Chemin should attack the European market.


In the end, the show ended with the consensus that yes, it is possible to bequeath one's various internet accounts, whether they are bank accounts, social network accounts or even the simple fact of recovering even the control of them in order to close them.

All this is now possible thanks to Legapass.

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