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The future of your assets is safe!
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Legapass is certified by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.


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We know how difficult the loss of a loved one can be. That's why we created Legapass, a solution that eases the mourning process by facilitating digital legacy management.

With Legapass, you can transmit access codes for your digital accounts to make it easier for your loved ones to manage them. In all cases, even without access codes, we can provide you with administrative support through your notary at the time of inheritance

We invite you to read our various guides to managing a person's digital accounts after death.

You can use our solution free of charge to prevent your loved ones from getting stuck, and decide to go PREMIUM whenever you like.

If you need personalized support, our team will be happy to provide you with a customized solution. solution demonstration

We wish you and your family well.

All you have to do is register your "Master password“.

This information is valid for any password manager.

Read our blog post "How to recover passwords from a manager?"Click here to find out more.

Legapass uses a magic link to authenticate yourself. It is similar to one-time passwords (OTP).


It works like this: you enter your e-mail address, then click on the magic link that has been sent by e-mailand now you're connected.


Why is this? Weak passwords and reused passwords are huge security pitfalls that lead to account breaches. With thepassword-free authenticationThere's no way for hackers to crack or steal your password.  

You do not have to change your password.

Legapass uses a magic link to authenticate yourself

It works like this: you enter your e-mail address, then you click on the magic link sent to you by e-mailand now you're connected.

To change the password of one of your accounts, simply go to the page My Access Codes (to access this page, you must log in to Legapass).

You can then enter the new password along with your username. You must do this every time you update one of your passwords.

You can change your email address via profile modification form on the next page.

It will take a little while for this change to take effect, as we are performing a manual check for security reasons! 


Do you have a discovery offer? Unless otherwise stipulated in the will, the deceased's legal heirs at the time of death will have access to the Legapass safe-deposit box.

Are you a Premium customer? You can personalize your beneficiary clause.

In the event of death, our service is connected to Insee databases. This gives us access to the latest obituaries as soon as they become available.

To be even more effective, we strongly recommend that you direct your beneficiary to our "Report a death"In order to launch the restitution procedure as soon as possible.

If you haven't already done so, we invite you to nominate at least one trusted contact directly from your address book who can help us find your beneficiary and speed up the restitution process.

My subscription

  • Get all the essential features for free with our 0€ Discovery offer

  • 3 Premium rates :

    • 5.99/month cheaper than a Netflix subscription!

    • 59.99€ /year save 2 months with the annual subscription!

    • 399€ pay once, protect for life!

Unlimited records Protect all your digital assets and pass them on to your loved ones without limit.

Emergency recovery Forgotten or suffered a personal loss? Recover one or more secure accesses on demand.

Fast return and charges included your loved ones will benefit from a priority return between 3 and 7 days to recover all your accesses.

Instructions & Wishes Your beneficiary: communicate the necessary instructions and ensure that your beneficiary has simple access to your assets.

Beneficiary appointment You name the beneficiary who will have access to the contents of your Legapass safe. You decide, we execute.

Account deletion Access our deletion service to close eligible accounts and stop your subscriptions.

Yes, we need your e-mail address in order to associate it with your account.

It is all the more mandatory as the connection is made directly via this one.

Your subscription stops after transmission to your heirs.

This hypothesis is envisaged in our procedure.

If Legapass ceases operations, users' personal data will retain their guarantees of security and inviolability off-line.

This data will then be transmitted automatically to the user or his/her beneficiaries in the event of death. 


When you cancel your Premium subscription, you switch back to the free discovery offer.

Legapass therefore retains all the information you have entered on the platform, but your heirs will have to pay the transfer fee in order to retrieve it.


We use the payment platform Stripe which won the most rigorous level of certification in the payments sector.

Some sites offer a decentralized, blockchain-based approach. We have chosen to develop our own offline storage technologyOur aim is to reassure users that their data will remain confidential for the rest of their lives. Today, blockchain cannot provide these guarantees over the long term, particularly with the arrival of quantum computing power.

The data you save in your Legapass safe does not remain on the Internet.

They are extracted by a unique, patent-pending process and are stored in France in several geographical locations in "off-line" safes.


Sensitive data are end-to-end encryptionNo one at Legapass has access to your data. 

The only way to decipher this data is to use a "private keyThey are "user-specific". They are generated under the supervision of a French bailiff and are kept by our partner bailiffs. A report has been drawn up in accordance with the rules to attest to this. 

In the case of an inheritance, after all the usual checks have been carried out, only the heir designated by the certificate of notoriety will be able to access the data by opening the Legapass safe using the key provided by the bailiff.

To guarantee data integrity, a trusted third party (the bailiff) is the guarantor of the security keys.

Our partner bailiffs store decryption keys and monitor our rendering processes.

The notary draws up the deeds of the estate, obtains the signatures of the persons concerned and completes the formalities before closing the file.

You can indicate your wish to pass on your Legapass safe-deposit box to the person of your choice, outside of your legal relationship, to a notary in a will.

For safety reasonsNeither you nor we have access to the data stored in your Legapass safe. In this way, we avoid the risk of your Legapass account being hacked.

In order to anticipate one's death or incapacity to manage one's personal and professional assets, two mandates have been created: the future protection mandate and the posthumous mandate.

The future protection mandate allows you to designate in advance one or more representatives to be responsible not only for the protection of your person, but also for the management of your professional assets.

The posthumous mandate makes it possible to arrange for the transfer and administration of estate assets on behalf of and in the interest of one or more identified heirs, by one or more trusted third parties.

In future versions of Legapass, with the Premium subscription, the user will be able to indicate his or her wishes on whether or not to pass on his or her assets in the event of disability.

You can contact us by email at support@legapass.com to engage the emergency recovery process.

You will have to pay transmission costs depending on your subscription (from 99€ for the Discovery offer and 59€ for Premium members) and complete the registration process. identity verification.

My trusted contacts

Do you have a discovery offer? Unless otherwise specified in the will, it is your legal heir at the time of death who will have access to your Legapass safe.

Are you a Premium customer? You can personalize your beneficiary clause.

Trusting contact establishes a link between your beneficiary and Legapass at the time of succession following a death.

We may contact them to ask them to put us in touch with your beneficiary in order to proceed with the transmission of your data.

In fact, we cross-reference our customer files with the national death register (files of deceased persons are compiled by INSEE from information received from communes as part of their public service mission). Source : https://www.insee.fr/fr/information/4190491).

Without trustworthy contacts, it will be difficult to contact your beneficiary.

Appointing several trusted third parties means having several arrows in your bow!

This will give us more chance of getting in touch with your beneficiary at the time of your death.

Once you've entered your trusted contacts' information, an email will automatically be sent to them, informing them that they are one of your trusted Legapass contacts.

We introduce them to our service and ask them to acknowledge receipt of the request.

They can also refuse to appear in your Legapass contact list, in which case they will be removed from your listing.

It will be removed from your list and will not be contacted in the event of your death.

You can delete a trusted contact at any time by going to the : My address book (you must log in to your Legapass account).

Modify > Delete.


Your trusted contacts don't have to be family members.

They will serve, for example, as a point of contact for dealing with the estate after a death has been reported.

This status does not give them access to your data..

Unless otherwise stipulated in your will or modified in your beneficiary clause, only your heir designated by the deed of notoriety will have access to your Legapass safe-deposit box.

You will have to appoint another trusted third party. That's why it's important to have more than one.

I'm a trusted contact

To report a death, you can contact us via our contact form or send us all the deceased's details and your own (surname, first name, town of birth) together with the death certificate by e-mail to succession@legapass.com.

We'll be in touch with you to discuss further details.


In this case, you will need to notify the Legapass account holder so that they can change your details.


You can contact the person who nominated you to have you removed from their list.


Are you a beneficiary of a Legapass vault that contains login information to access cryptocurrencies?

Ask your notary how to properly declare your estate.

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At last, a serious, competent and, above all, unrivalled company.
The best solution to secure my data and transmit my digital heritage to my loved ones when I die. In addition, the service is top-notch and, above all, it's made in France!!

Johan B.

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As a planner, Legapass is a service that seems necessary to me today with all the digital access we have: social media accounts, password managers, cloud access... Looking forward to have them include the non-digital assets management as well.

Antony S.

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I've been looking for a data backup service for a while so that my children can recover them in case of an unforeseen event, and I found you thanks to an ad in Nice Matin. I also find the ease of use to be a plus. Congratulations to you, and it's nice that you're from Nice 😁

Rudy P.

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