Secure the transmission of your digital assets

Make sure your family can get your digital currency and data back.

The most secure & 100% French solution 🇫🇷

Certified storage 🔐 EAL5+ ﹠ FIPS 140-3 Level 3 ﹠ NATO Restricted level

🔒 Military Grade Cryptography

We use the best open source, proven and trusted encryption algorithms.

🤫 Total confidentiality

Thanks to our "zero access" architecture, your data is encrypted from end to end and remains confidential until it is returned.

🛡️ Offline safe

Your confidential data is kept at the highest level of security, in safes disconnected from the Internet.

🧑⚖️ Secure transmission

Transmission under the control of a bailiff, to you in case of damage or to your heirs in case of death.

Secure the keys to your digital world!

Your digital assets have immense monetary and sentimental value. Don't take the risk of losing it all!

How does it work?

01 - Add your secrets

Fill in all your digital service access information and we will keep it offline

02 - Indicate your trusted third parties

Designate your trusted third parties to help us contact your successors

03 - Add instructions

Add notes and instructions so that your heirs can know your last wishes

04 - Secure return

We ensure the transfer of your estate under the supervision of a bailiff

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Don't let your accounts end up in the hands of a hacker!

"The equivalent of $140 billion worth of bitcoins are lost or blocked!"

The average adult has more than 100 accounts digital

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Social networks

Dematerialized purchases

Banks & Neo-banks

Cryptocurrencies & NFTs

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