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Make sure you can always recover or transmit to your family and your beneficiaries the access to your digital accounts in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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How to protect my access codes ?

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I add my passwordsaccess codes... 

I connect to my Legapass interface and add my passwords and access codes in a few clicks.

I can even add notes and instructions so that my beneficiaries can know my last wishes.

Add and protect a password
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My digital heritage is protected in my safe

My confidential information is encrypted and stored in a physical safe. They will be safe until the return.

As the decryption key is located at a bailiffI know that no one will have access to it before I die.

Offline safe
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My transmission is assured under the control of a bailiff 

Whether I need to recover the contents of my safe in the event of a disaster or my beneficiaries request it in the event of an inheritance: the transmission of my digital assets will always take place under the control of a bailiff after the usual checks.
Secure transmission

Who is Legapass for?

Pros: secure your business
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Allow your partners to take over the reins of your business in case of unforeseen events.

Pensioners: secure your estate


45% of French people have already subscribed to a life insurance. Think about anticipating your digital succession.

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Investors: secure your assets


Your cryptocurrencies and other assets have great financial value. Don't take the risk of losing everything.

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The solution the most secure and 100% French !

What could be more secure than entrust your data as encrypted files to a specialized service that does not have the decoding key?

The best way to protect encrypted data is not to be able to decrypt it yourself!

4 reasons to trust Legapass :

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Offline safe

We have developed a unique technology that guarantees you total confidentiality at the highest level of security.

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Military-grade encryption

Our encryption method is government certified "FIPS 140-2 Level 3, NLNCSA DEP-V & NATO Restricted certified".

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Zero access" architecture

Your data is fully encrypted and can only be accessed by you or your beneficiaries in the event of an inheritance or request for retransmission.

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Secure transmission

The contents of the safe are returned encrypted after checking the identity. The bailiff then gives the decryption key to the entitled party.

Even if we get hacked, no one will be able to decrypt your files.

How does it work?

secure digital will

Your data is encrypted and placed in your offline safe

On the one hand, Legapass has your encrypted files with your public key, but cannot decrypt them since it does not know your private key.

Legapass private key

The decryption key can be found at a bailiff's office

On the other hand, one of our partner bailiffs has your private key, but does not have access to your encrypted files in your Legapass safe.

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Why is my Legapass safe deposit box 100% secure? 🔐

Examples of accounts to protect with Legapass

Legapass allows you to protect all your confidential information (passwords, access keys, seed phrases, etc.) in the form of encrypted files, in order to recover or transmit them to your beneficiaries in the event of a problem.

icon photos videos

Photos & Videos

Photos and videos are memories that have great sentimental value. Consider passing on to your children and grandchildren the unlock code for your smartphone or access to your storage space (cloud, etc.).

icon btc bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies & NFTs

Your cryptocurrencies and NFTs have great financial value. Don't risk losing your digital assets! You can add your seed phrase to your LEGAPASS vault so you can retrieve it in case of trouble.

icon social networks

Social networks

Leave your credentials so they don't get hacked when you're gone and so your beneficiaries can delete your accounts or ensure their continuity or resale if you're an influencer.

icon neo-banks

Banks & Neo-banks

If you have bank accounts based abroad, it is often difficult to find them in case of inheritance. It is the same for your neo-banks, trading accounts, sports betting accounts... Think of listing them and informing your accesses.

icon dematerialized purchases

Dematerialized purchases

Did you know that it is complicated, if not impossible, to bequeath your dematerialized purchases (music, video games, books, software, etc.). If you want to pass them on, you just have to transmit your access codes.

icon access codes

Access codes

You can secure and transmit to your beneficiaries all your access codes (email addresses, domain names, servers, PIN codes, computers, safes, alarms...) to facilitate their task during the succession.

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Why secure your data offline ?

Do you really think your access codes are safe in your password manager, on your external hard drive or on a piece of paper?

There are many problems you may face:

Legapass to prevent burglaries


You may be the victim of a burglary. What happens if the burglar gets away with your computer or your access papers?

Legapass to counteract hackers


You can have your hardware hacked where you had written your seed phrase to access your cryptocurrencies, for example.

Legapass to compensate for the loss


You or someone close to you can easily misplace your accesses, especially if they are listed on a piece of paper or in yet another file sent by email.

Legapass to cover claims


What happens if your home burns down with all your precious papers or if it floods and you suffer material losses such as your computer?

And this list is not exhaustive, you can also find yourself confronted with family tensions, suffer a computer bug or equipment damage, etc. So what could be more secure than putting your data in encrypted files in an offline safe? 

The best way to protect yourself from hackers is not to leave your data online!

In the event of burglary, loss or disaster, entrusting your data to a specialized service guarantees that you will always be able to recover it no matter what happens. In addition, we guarantee geographical redundancy.

We have deployed multiple physical safes in different geographical areas to avoid data loss in the event of an on-site disaster.

Don't let your accesses sink into oblivion or end up in the hands of a hacker!

Have you thought about your digital will ?

Digital will, what happens to our data when we die?

  • An increasingly important issue as our online lives become richer and richer.
  • Social networks will become the world's largest graveyards.
  • Our smartphone is a real digital safe.
  • Regarding cryptos, there are billions of dollars of lost bitcoins.

The digital will: to protect your data and wishes.

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Michèle A.
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Laurent S.
Laurent S.
"A good combination with a notary
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As a cryptocurrency owner, I was looking for a way to pass on instructions regarding their management to my heirs.
Cyrille C.
Cyrille C.
"I was surprised by the speed and simplicity".
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As for me, it's done, and it only took me a few minutes! I am reassured to know that all my digital data will be transmitted to the rightful owners, and as simply as possible.
Muriel B.
Muriel B.
"Fast and efficient support".
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I contacted support via the chat bubble and was surprised at how quickly the team was able to answer my questions and queries.

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