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Our history

"Legapass was born out of a terrible realization...

In 2021, Adelina, future co-founder of Legapass, visits her dying father in hospital. In her last moments with him, she manages to recover all the memories and online accounts that belonged to him.

With Jean-Charles, her partner and future President and co-founder of Legapass, they asked themselves a simple question:

"What happens to our digital heritage if we arrive too late to retrieve our loved ones' access codes?

At the time, no viable solution existed. In the months that followed, they continued to work on the problem with Eric Maida, who would become co-founder of the solution, and launched the first version of the product. The Legapass solution was born. 

Unfortunately, far too many people find themselves faced with a tragic event every day, and lose precious assets in the process.

In an increasingly digitalized world, the preservation of digital heritage has become a key issue. We designed Legapass to change the order of things by raising awareness of this issue among as many people as possible."

Adelina, Jean-Charles and Eric, founders of Legapass.

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Our aim is to make Legapass a service of general interest.

We will continue our efforts to raise public awareness of digital heritage protection.

Jean-Charles CHEMIN, Chairman of Legapass.

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April 26, 2022

Launch of Legapass

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Our mission

Passing on your heritage thanks to innovative technology

Passing on your wealth

To the right person, under the right conditions in the most secure way thanks to our innovative technology.

Helping families through bereavement

By providing support in difficult times and helping them to close digital accounts and recover assets.

An innovative solution for notaries

Thanks to a check-up that allows you to quickly and effortlessly recover a complete inventory of the physical and digital assets of a deceased person.

Our values

We encourage each and every one of our employees to remain authentic and to devote themselves to what they love to do. L'innovationthe transparency and the satisfaction are at the heart of our values.

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Our aspiration is to maintain a forward-looking perspective, in order to anticipate and design tomorrow's services.

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We always strive to be totally transparencies to our employees, customers and investors.

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We are committed to building a service of general interest that perfectly meets the needs of our users.

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What better way to strengthening our ties and our team spirit than a diving session in an environment as fascinating as it is stimulating? 🤝 - collaboration and the trust are essential, both in the depths and in our professional projects.

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