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Legapass is certified by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.

🌟 Conseil Supérieur du Notariat certifies Legapass. The ultimate recognition for the transmission of your assets! 🔐

We are pleased to inform you that Legapass recently obtained the prestigious Etik label, awarded by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat. (CSN).  

This label symbolizes our commitment to offering digital solutions that meet the ethical and security standards demanded by the notarial profession. 

What does obtaining this label mean for you?

The CSN Etik label Conseil Supérieur du Notariat (CSN) is a a guarantee of quality, enabling notaries to identify digital solutions that comply with the ethical and professional standards of the notarial sector.

This recognition testifies to our commitment to providing you with a reliable and secure digital wealth management service, while adhering to rigorous professional ethics.

Why is this important for Legapass and for you?

Obtaining the Etik label required an in-depth examination and confirms that Legapass meets the highest standards for the protection of your digital assets. ✅

We're talking here about over 200 control points that Bureau Vertias inspectors have gone through with a fine-tooth comb during an on-site audit.

This recognition is testimony to our commitment to offering you the most reliable and secure solution. to help you create your digital will and pass on your assets, cryptos and business continuity to your loved ones.

Protect what matters with Legapass!

What is the Etik label?

The notariat's digital label

The Etik label is a guarantee of quality and reliability for notaries' clients. In fact, it guarantees that the digital solutions that obtain it comply with a set of strict standards in terms of information security, document dematerialization and eco-responsibility.

Advantages of the Etik label for notary professionals

The Etik label offers several advantages to notary professionals:

➡️ A clear, structured framework It enables the implementation of consistent, secure internal procedures. This ensures optimum service quality for customers, while reducing the risk of disputes.

➡️ Better service quality It enables research departments to offer their customers optimum quality of service, particularly in terms of processing times, confidentiality and data security.

➡️ Saves time It enables professionals to optimize their internal processes and reduce the time needed to process documents.

➡️ Savings It enables studies to achieve significant savings in terms of costs and environmental impact, thanks in particular to the dematerialization of documents.

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