How does it work?

Discover how to add your passwords to your Legapass safe and the process of encrypting and securing your data.

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How does Legapass work?
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How to secure my passwords ?

1️⃣ I register for free 

In 5 minutes, I can create a Legapass account and access my interface that will allow me to send all my passwords to my offline safe.

2️⃣ I list my accounts

Thanks to the personalized suggestions, I can easily add to my list the services I want secure passwordse. 

3️⃣ I add my access codes

To add your passwords, nothing could be easier: just click on add a new access code and let yourself be guided.

Why is my Legapass safe deposit box 100% secure? 🔐

How Legapass sécurise mes données ?

OpenPGP encryption

The data you send to Legapass is instantly encrypted using OpenPGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption.

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Offline safes

The best way to protect your data is not to leave it online, that's why we use offline safes.

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Secure return

The restitution takes place under the control of one of our partner bailiffs after all the usual checks (Id check, etc.).

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Don't let your accounts end up in the hands of a hacker!

How does the restitution de mon coffre Legapass ?

There are only 2 ways to retrieve the contents of your safe deposit box

Restitution to yourself following a claim

You may need to request the return of your data in the event of a disaster such as loss, theft or damage to equipment.

Restitution to your beneficiaries

Return to vur beneficiaries in the event of succession

In the event of death or incapacity, we are responsible for returning your Legapass safe deposit box to your beneficiaries. We will check the legal documents such as the death certificate and the notarial deed.

No other person will be able to retrieve your data!

Un contrôle d'identité minutieux

ID Check

Double vérification de l'identité du demandeur par Legapass et notre huissier de justice partenaire. Analyse des pièces originales en visioconférence.

documents check

Document analysis

Par exemple, dans le cadre d'une succession, nous demandons au bénéficiaire de nous fournir l'acte de décès de l'utilisateur.

Une restitution en 2 étapes

1 - Restitution de votre coffre

When the request for return is validated, Legapass will send the contents of your safe in the form of an encrypted file.

icon secure transmission

2 - Remise de votre clé privée

Our partner bailiff then delivers the private key, which is the only way to decrypt the encrypted file received.