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How to secure my passwords ?

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1️⃣ I register for free 

In 5 minutes, I can create a Legapass account and access my interface that will allow me to send all my passwords to my offline safe.

2️⃣ I list my accounts

Thanks to the personalized suggestions, I can easily add to my list the services I want secure passwords

3️⃣ I add my access codes

To add your passwords, nothing could be easier: just click on add a new access code and let yourself be guided.

Why is my Legapass safe deposit box 100% secure? 🔐

How Does Legapass secure my data?

OpenPGP encryption

The data you send to Legapass is instantly encrypted using OpenPGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption.

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Offline safes

The best way to protect your data is not to leave it online, that's why we use offline safes.

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Secure Transmission

The transmission takes place under the control of one of our partner bailiffs after all the usual checks (Id check, etc.).

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How do I transfer my Legapass safe deposit box?

There are only 2 ways to transmit the contents of your safe deposit box

Transmission to yourself following a claim

You may need to request the return of your data in the event of a disaster such as loss, theft or damage to equipment.

Restitution to your beneficiaries

Transmission to your beneficiary

In the event of your death, we transfer your Legapass safe deposit box to your beneficiary. For this purpose, we check the legal documents such as the death certificate and the notarial deed.

No other person will be able to retrieve your data!

A thorough identity check

ID Check

Double verification of the claimant's identity by Legapass and our partner bailiff. Analysis of the original documents in videoconference.

documents check

Document analysis

For example, in the case of an estate, we ask the beneficiary to provide us with the user's death certificate.

A transmission in 2 steps

1 - Transmission of your trunk

When the transmission request is validated, Legapass will send the contents of your safe as an encrypted file.

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2 - Delivery of your private key

Our partner bailiff then delivers the private key, which is the only way to decrypt the encrypted file received.

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Je ne peux que vous conseiller d’ouvrir un compte, ça fait longtemps que j’attendais une solution comme celle-ci.

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At last, a serious, competent and, above all, unrivalled company.
La meilleure solution pour sécuriser mes données et transmettre mon patrimoine numérique à mes proches lorsque je décéderai. En plus le service est top et surtout, c’est made in France !!

Johan B.​

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En tant que prévoyant Legapass est un service qui me paraît nécessaire aujourd’hui avec tous les accès numériques que nous possédons : compte sur les réseaux sociaux, gestionnaire de mot de passe, accès cloud… Manque plus que la gestion de patrimoine non numérique 😁

Antony S.​

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Je cherchais depuis quelques temps un service de sauvegarde des données afin que mes enfants puissent les récupérés en cas d’imprévu et je vous ai connu grâce à une pub sur nice matin. Je trouve la facilité d’utilisation en plus. Bravo a vous et en plus c’est nissart 😁.

Rudy P.​

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