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Passing on digital heritage: 10 essential access points to pass on

Legapass can help you list the essential access points you need to pass on to your customers. transmission of digital assets successful. ✅ 

Discover our top 10 essential accesses to transmit !

1. Access to your e-mail accounts to manage your mailboxes

When you transmit your login information to your e-mail accounts, you allow your friends and family to consult and manage your important e-mails after your death. This can include personal messages, business correspondence or information about bills and subscriptions, as well as conversations with important contacts.

It is essential to inform Legapass of your e-mail addressesbut also the username as well as the password correspondent. If you use specific messaging services, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, include platforms and direct connection links if possible. Also be sure to include instructions detailed instructions on how to access these accounts and retrieve the information important to anticipating your succession.

2. Social network passwords for easy deletion or transfer to memorial account

For a successful digital inheritance, don't forget your social media. By transmitting identifiers and the passwords your social networks such as : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedInYou'll let your friends and family manage your online presence and preserve your digital memories.

By sharing this access, your loved ones will be able to manage your accounts, d'announce your death to the appropriate contacts, or even turn your account into a commemoration account. It's also a good way of protecting your account from hackers and potential identity theft. Your friends and family will also be able to make decisions about your publications, photos and videos, to protect your online image and your privacy. preserve your digital heritage.

"I would like to close the Facebook account of my dad who passed away, can you please help me?" 

Thanks to our service, heirs can recover a deceased person's passwords to manage their accounts.

👉 To do this, your loved one must have opened a Legapass account, entered his or her login details and designated you as beneficiary.

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3. Access codes for your online banking accounts to manage your financial assets

When it comes to transmission of your digital heritageit is crucial to transmit sensitive data such as access codes to your bank accounts online. By sharing this information with your friends and family, you enable them to manage your financial affairs effectively in the event of death.

By providing the logins and passwords associated with your online banking accounts, your family and friends will be able to access the information they need to pay invoices, manage transactionsopen and close accounts, and make decisions about your business. financial assets.

You can transmit your current accountssavings accounts, but also your online investments or digital portfolios. It is essential to transmit this information securely via Legapass and to update it regularly in the event of any changes.

Also be sure to include detailed instructions on how to access online bank accounts and retrieve important financial information. This will enable your loved ones to take the necessary steps to protect your financial interests and manage your investments efficiently.

4. Access to your online storage services to retrieve your photos and documents

If you wish to send us your photos, videos and documents, it is essential that you enter the access codes for your online storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive.

These services are often used to store filesphotos, videos and more important documentsand it's important to give your loved ones access to it after your death.

By sharing the logins and passwords to your online storage accounts, you give your friends and family the ability to view and retrieve valuable files, photos and videos. souvenirs: family photosrecordings, contracts, personal memorabilia and much more.

Passing on digital heritage: family photos and memories

5. Logins to access your online sales platforms and manage orders

You manage websites or make online sales ? Give your friends and family your login details so they can access and manage your ordersinform your customersor resell your website. To manage this, they will need access codes to enter your online sales platforms such aseBay, Amazon, Etsy or others.

Your loved ones will be able to manage sales and transactions on the various platforms, as well as your product inventory. It is essential to provide clear instructions on how to access these sales platforms or online storesPlease specify the specific accounts you wish to transfer and who will be the beneficiary.

6. Access to your online services to stop your subscriptions

An aspect that is often overlooked when passing on your assets: the subscriptions at online services to which you have subscribed. It is crucial to transmit access information for these subscriptions, such as the services of streaming as Netflixdigital magazines or newspapers, e-learning platforms, delivery services or any other digital subscription.

By sharing your login and password, you enable your friends and family to manage these accounts on your behalfto make decisions concerning their continuation or termination. cancellationand access the associated benefits. These may include access to online content, recurring payment management orcancellation of these subscriptions after your death.

It's therefore important to list all the subscriptions and online services to which you are a member, and to include the corresponding access information. Include the name of the service, your username, password and any other information you need to access and use it. manage this subscription.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most frequently used categories on Legapass :

Digital wealth transfer: most popular categories on Legapass

7. Access to your important documents to prepare for the transfer of your estate

If you want to prepare for the transfer of your assets both digitally and on paper, it's essential to transmit access information to your important documents. This may include your tax returnsyour tax statementsyour payment receiptsWe can also provide you with information on your financial assets and any other documents related to your tax situation. 

By providing access information to these documents, you enable your loved ones to manage your tax affairs efficiently in the event of death. They will be able to consult these documents to comply with tax obligations, to declare income and to managing your financial assets in accordance with applicable tax laws. 

NB: Be sure to mention the physical or digital location of these tax documents, as well as the instructions needed to access them. 

8. Access to your professional accounts to ensure the continuity of your business

When it comes to transferring a businessIn order to access your contracts and commitments, you need to provide us with access information. For example: your lease contracts, loan, insuranceor any other important legal commitment to which you are bound.

By sharing details and access information on these contracts, you enable your customers to successors to be aware of these commitments and manage them appropriately. This will enable them to comply with contract conditions, make the required payments, renew or terminate contracts according to the terms and conditions, while at the same time ensuring the continuity of your business. ✅

9. Access to your contacts to inform them of your death or send an announcement to invite them to your funeral.

For inform your family of your death and their send them an invitation to your funeralIf you want to give your beneficiary access to your contacts. Contacts can include vital information about your loved ones, colleagues, business partners, financial and legal advisors, and other important people in your life.

Send access to your contacts allows your loved ones to contact key people and inform them in the event of your death. It will also enable them to obtain the advice and assistance they need to manage your estate, settle administrative matters and manage your estate. respecting your last wishes.

10. Access codes for your office computer and telephone

Finally, don't forget to include the password for your laptop computer and your phone. Nowadays, these 2 terminals are brimming with information that can be useful in case of need for your loved ones.

Giving access to them could help you to easily find some of the data you want to protect.

Wealth transfer is a subject to which our company has been successfully responding for over a year.

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The value of your digital assets is inestimable. 💎