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Your cryptos are they in a safe place?

The Facts ✅

8% of French people hold cryptocurrencies.

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos and KPMG on behalf of the Digital Asset Development Association

Highly probable hypothesis ❓

90% of your assets are on a centralized exchange...

...or stored, on a cold wallet like Ledger, an encrypted file hidden in several people, a muti sig...

Very likely hypothesis ❓

90% of your relatives don't understand anything about cryptos 😅

With this in mind, it's hard to believe that your loved one will ever be able to recover your funds if something goes wrong.

The risk that you probably thought about like most people ✅

What happens if...?
➡️ I have a falling out with a loved one who has access to my cryptos.
➡️ A storage place is compromise because of a burglary or another incident...
The risk with crypto
How to manage cryptos

The risk you may have underestimated ❌

➡️ What happens if something happens to me?
➡️ À which and how will I give access to my crypto-currencies and especially how to let clear instructions so that this person can exchange my cryptos for euros.
➡️ The ultimate question would be what to do if something happens to this person of trust.

This is still many questions isn't it?
We thought about all the possible scenarios and we found The Solution to make your life easier. From there Legapass was born ✅

How protect your assets digital?

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I add the access codes of my digital assets

On your dashboard, you will find suggestions to add all the access codes for your digital assets : from online trading platforms to crypto wallets and more.
Add and protect a password
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My digital assets are protected in my trunk

All your confidential data will be instantly encrypted and stored in offline vaults. To avoid any loss, they are kept in two geographically distinct locations.
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My recovery is assured under the control of a bailiff 

Whether you need to recover your data following a disaster or your beneficiary asks to recover them following your death: 

We verify the identity of the applicant and the veracity of the documents. 


Secure transmission
Secure your digital assets!

Why is my Legapass safe deposit box 100% secure? 🔐

What types of digital assets can we bequeath?

Most trading platforms and brokers offer their clients distribute their digital assets upon their death. However, it is often difficult to trust when it comes to leaving your passwords.

In addition, you will need to use advanced estate planning tools if you want to transfer complicated digital assets, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or unpriced tokens (UTXOs).

Save time and money by securing your digital assets in 5 minutes! On Legapass you can decide to easily bequeath all types of digital assets such as :
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All your crypto-currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin...

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All your digital objects (file, image, video, or audio) with unique identification code.

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Games and Betting

Access codes to connect to your gaming and betting platforms, whether sports or not.

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Access codes to enter the centralized platforms you use.

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The login credentials of the crowdfunding platforms you are on.

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Other assets

All kinds of digital assets that you have in your possession and wish to bequeath.

The most suitable solution for investors

You own digital assets, cryptocurrencies or NFTs ? Protect your access codes and seed phrases with Legapass!

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A solution French and ultra-secure !

Trust a French 100% solution to protect your confidential information passwords, access keys, seed phrases, etc. in a secure offline safe.

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Physical safe

The best way to avoid being hacked is not to leave your data online! Our technology guarantees the highest level of security.

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Government-certified figures

We use a government certified encryption method "FIPS 140-2 Level 3, NLNCSA DEP-V & NATO Restricted certified

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Fully quantified data

We guarantee that no one will have access to your encrypted information. The decryption key is already with a trusted third party.

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Reliable and secure transmission

We return your encrypted data after checking the identity of the applicant. The bailiff then gives him the decryption key.

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Michèle A.
Michèle A.
"I entrusted my personal life to Legapass
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A hard drive failed me once, I had to start all over again... I'm so glad I found the solution to all my problems in Legapass!
Laurent S.
Laurent S.
"A good combination with a notary
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As a cryptocurrency owner, I was looking for a way to pass on instructions regarding their management to my heirs.
Cyrille C.
Cyrille C.
"I was surprised by the speed and simplicity".
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As for me, it's done, and it only took me a few minutes! I am reassured to know that all my digital data will be transmitted to the rightful owners, and as simply as possible.
Muriel B.
Muriel B.
"Fast and efficient support".
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I contacted support via the chat bubble and was surprised at how quickly the team was able to answer my questions and queries.

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