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The right to be forgotten after death: posthumous privacy protection

In the digital age, where our lives are increasingly imbued with technology and social media, the question of the right to be forgotten is no longer limited to our earthly existence. 

What happens to our personal data online after we die? How can we protect our privacy and that of our loved ones, even when we're no longer around to do so? 

Digital life after death  

With the proliferation of on the networks socialblogs, e-mail accounts and other online services, we often leave behind a significant digital footprint. This imprint may include photos, videos, messages, publications and other personal information. 

But what happens when we die? Do our personal data continue to exist online? How can our loved ones manage our digital presence after we're gone?  

The right to be forgotten: a new frontier 

The right to be forgotten, initially designed to enable individuals to control information about themselves on the Internet, takes on a new dimension after death. Questions of respect for privacyof data ownership and digital legacy management become essential. 

Managing your digital legacy 

It's crucial to plan ahead for the management of our digital legacy. This can include: 

  • Appointing a digital executor responsible for managing our online accounts and making decisions about our data after our death. 
  • Creating a digital will specifying our wishes concerning the deletion of our accounts, the management of our data and the transfer of our digital assets. 
  • The use of data management tools to facilitate the deletion or transfer of our data after our death. 
  • Adding your last wishes to an authentic will registered with the notary. 

Challenges and solutions 

However, despite progress in this area, challenges remain : 

Legislation on the right to be forgotten after death varies from country to countryThis can make it difficult to implement the wishes of the deceased. In some countries, there are specific laws governing the management of personal data after an individual's death, while in others the legislation may be less clear or non-existent. 

Online platforms have different policies regarding the management of deceased users' accounts. Some platforms offer options for deleting the account or transforming it into a memorial account, while others may require specific specific proof of death and legal authorizations to access the account. 

Relatives may not have the skills or knowledge to manage the deceased's digital presence. Managing online accounts after the death of a loved one can be a daunting task. complex and emotionally challengingespecially for those who are unfamiliar with digital technologies. They may need help navigating through online platform policies and to make decisions concerning the deceased's digital data. 

Solutions exist to meet these challenges challenges : 

Faced with these challenges, Legapass offers an innovative and simple solution for managing your digital presence after your death. A dedicated feature is now available to help you plan your online account management with peace of mind. 

In accordance with article 40-1 of the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés)Now you can specify exactly what you want to do with your Legapass-secured accounts. Simply tick a box for each account to pass on your instructions to your heirs. 

Three options are available to you: 

  • Account deletion : your data and account will be permanently deleted after your death. 
  • Keeping the account as a memorial account : your profile will be transformed into a memorial accessible to your loved ones. 
  • Transfer of the account to an heir : you can designate a loved one to have access to your account and its data after your death.  

In just a few clicksyou take control of your digital assets and ensure that your wishes are respected after your death, offer youthus the peace of mind of knowing that your personal data will be managed according to your wishes.


Take control of your accounts now

The right to be forgotten after death is a complex and evolving issue in our digital society. It is crucial to think about how we want our online presence to be managed after our death and to take steps to protect our posthumous privacy. By planning ahead and using the tools available, we can help ensure that our digital legacy is managed respectfully and in line with our wishes. 


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