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Legapass is certified by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.

Transmission & Crypto: Paymium and Legapass join forces

Paymium and Legapass join forces to secure the transmission of your wealth 3.0 and eradicate crypto-asset escheat 🙌

Paris, May 15, 2024

With the growing adoption of crypto-currencies and the SEC's recent acceptance of the first Bitcoin ETFs, crypto-currencies are set to attract even more investors in the coming weeks. Today, over 11% of French people already hold crypto-currencies1 and this figure is likely to grow in the coming months, driven by the Bitcoin halving phenomenon.

Despite several billion euros worth of crypto-assets held by the French2, notaries still find themselves at a loss when it comes to including digital assets in an estate. With this in mind, Legapass, a leader in estate planning and digital inheritance, accredited by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat, has joined forces with Paymium, a pioneering digital asset management platform accredited PSAN by the AMF. Their shared ambition: to solve the problems associated with the identification, recovery and transmission of crypto-assets in the event of death. This partnership represents an unprecedented opportunity for the notarial world, as there is currently no solution for identifying and ensuring the distribution of these complex assets to heirs.

This association is the logical next step for Legapass, which is committed to providing the French with a complete estate planning service, including the detection and recovery of all asset classes. It's a commitment that also serves the interests of notaries, who can now be supported from start to finish during the settlement of an estate, in order to identify, assemble and share digital assets for the benefit of heirs.

On the Paymium side, the platform's customers will now be able to use the Legapass safe to facilitate the transmission of their digital assets in the event of death. This initiative positions Paymium as the world's first crypto-asset exchange platform to offer a full range of services, from initial investment to the transmission of assets to heirs in the event of need.

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"The collaboration between Paymium and Legapass represents a bridge between two hitherto alien worlds.

We now offer a simple answer to the problem of crypto investors, while tackling a major issue: the fight against escheatment. Our initiative has the potential to put hundreds of millions of euros back into our economy every year!" 

- Jean Charles Chemin, Chairman and co-founder of Legapass.

About Legapass

Founded in Nice in 2021 by Jean-Charles Chemin, Eric Maïda and Adelina Prokhorova, 3 software engineers, Legapass is a French company specializing in digital transmission. Its innovative platform enables individuals and companies to secure all their digital data, even the most complex.

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About Paymium

Paymium, a pioneer among bitcoin exchange platforms still in operation today, welcomes a customer base exceeding 230,000 users. Since 2021, it has enjoyed PSAN accreditation, a demanding recognition that attests to its quality of service as a Digital Asset Service Provider. This distinction underlines its commitment to its customers and its compliance with regulatory standards. In addition, Paymium benefits from the financial backing of investment funds Newfund and Kima Ventures, strengthening its position in the cryptocurrency sector.

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