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Legapass is certified by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.

Paymium and Legapass join forces to eradicate crypto-asset escheatment

The increase in digital asset ownership reshuffles the estate planning deck.

While crypto-assets have undeniably grown in popularity in recent years, investors, like notaries, have until now lacked a comprehensive and secure solution to identify them and ensure their simple, secure transmission.

It is in this context that Paymium and Legapass join forces to combat escheatment of this asset class.

The meteoric rise of crypto-assets in France

Adan (Association pour le Développement des Actifs Numériques - Association for the Development of Digital Assets) has just unveiled its new results of its annual survey on Web 3 and crypto in France and Europe.

Conducted in partnership with KPMG and the Ipsos polling institute, it sheds light on the adoption of crypto-assets by the general public and reveals the profile of its holders.

6.5 million French people, 12% of the population, currently own crypto-assets (compared with 9.6% last year - an increase of more than 25% over the previous year).

Global investment in crypto-assets in 2023 is estimated at between 32.5 and 42.5 billion eurosThis represents a significant proportion of French savings (3% for the average French person).

Caution is still the order of the day, since the majority of crypto-asset investors, 54% invest no more than 10% of their overall savings. But for the less cautious, and there are 10% of them, this represents more than 50% of their savings.

The challenge of transmitting crypto-assets

However, this new asset class poses a major a major challenge for inheritance planning.

The digital nature of crypto-assets, their complexity and the difficulty of identifying and locating them, make the escheat a real risk.

A partnership to combat escheatment

On one side, Paymium the first French crypto-asset exchange platform to offer the buying and selling of bitcoins in euros. A pioneer in its field, it is approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) as a Service Provider for Digital Assets (PSAN). This guarantees users a high level of security and reliability.

On the other side Legapasslabelled by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat and supported by Adnexus, a subsidiary of the ADSN group, offers the most secure ante-mortem estate planning platform, ensuring the inventory and transmission of digital assets, and post-mortem, an innovative tool for identifying and recovering them for the benefit of heirs.

The aim of this strategic alliance is to offer investors and notaries a concrete and reliable solution for securely transfer crypto-assets and include them in your estate.

A complete, secure solution for investors and notaries

Crypto investors thus benefit from the most secure solution for centralizing their wealth and guaranteeing its transmission to heirs.

For their part, notaries have an innovative tool for identifying and recovering post-mortem assets, even in the event of non-plannification.

Ante-mortem :

  • Unlimited updates with the possibility of updating their asset inventory wherever they are, at no extra cost.
  • Absolute confidentiality by storing part or all of their password - or seed phrase for non-custodial wallets - safe from cyber-attack or loss in a ultra-secure offline safe.
  • Peace of mind by guaranteeing smooth, secure transmission of their digital assets to their heirs when the time comes, under the supervision of a sworn trusted third party.


  • Quick and easy identification digital assets.
  • Taking digital heritage into account (currencies and other investments) in the estate.
  • Recovery of crypto-assets for the benefit of the heirs.

A giant step towards digital legacy management and transmission

This partnership revolutionizes the transmission of crypto-assets. By offering a simple, secure solution, we are helping to reduce escheatment and to securing the transfer of digital assets of the French.

About Legapass

Legapass offers estate planning platform the most secure way of ensuring the inventory and transmission of digital assets. Working to modernize the notarial profession, the company has been certified by CSN and is supported by the Group ADSN through its investment fund AdNexus.

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The issue of crypto-asset transmission is crucial, and our collaboration with Paymium is part of a proactive approach to meeting this challenge. Together, we are paving the way towards a future where the management and transmission of digital legacies will be simplified and secured for all.

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