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Protect the access codes of your professional tools in your Legapass safe to ensure their transmission to your partners or buyers.

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How protect your business ?

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I add the access codes of my business accounts

In your administration area you will find suggestions to add all the access codes that will be useful to your associates in case of recovery of your activity.

Fill in all the logins, passwords etc. that are useful for managing your business. 

Add my company access codes
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My pro accounts are secure in my trunk

When you have finished listing all your business accounts and filling in your access codes you will have secured your business. 

All these confidential data are encrypted and stored in offline safes guaranteeing you the highest level of security.

My company access codes are secure
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My associates can take over the reins of the company  

In the event of a problem, your associates can claim your Legapass safe and resume business quickly so that your company is not put on hold for too long.

The same applies if you wish to recover your access codes yourself in the event of a disaster.

My associates can get my codes back

To secure the succession of my business.

Why is my Legapass safe deposit box 100% secure? 🔐

Examples of business accounts to secure

icon payfit

HR Software

Protect access to your accounts for managing dematerialized payrolls like PayFit or Indeed for job offers.

icon ovh

Web host

Secure access to your hosting service, mailbox management, websites or servers like OVH or 1&1.

icon onedrive

Enterprise Cloud

Access codes to access your online storage space offered by a cloud provider like Google Drive or OneDrive.

wordpress icon

Website management

Also think about the access to your interfaces allowing the management of your websites like WordPress or Magento.

icon linkedin

Social networks

Fill in the logins and passwords to take over your social networks like Linkedin.

icon pro accounts

And the others...

Email boxes to answer customer questions, software to monitor your websites, etc.

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How ensure continuity of your company ?

transmit your cryptos

Open your safe offline!

The unavailability of your information system can be very costly for your company. There are many cases in which it can be partially or totally destroyed: in case of a cyber attack, natural disaster, hardware failure, power outage, voluntary deletion or human error. Do not take this risk! Give your partners the opportunity to take over the reins of your business in case something happens to you by adding the logins and passwords of your online services (HR software, bank accounts, payroll management, email boxes, etc.).
in less than 5 minutes!

The most suitable solution for professionals 

Business owners, freelancers or independent contractors: don't let your business stand still! 

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professionals company to protect

The solution the most secure for the pros!

Legapass is the most secure and 100% French solution to protect your business accounts: passwords, access codes, etc. in a secure offline safe.

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Physical safe

Your digital data deserves the highest level of security. That's why we designed Legapass as a bank vault.

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Government certified encryption

On Legapass you store sensitive data giving access to your business accounts. It is therefore essential to encrypt this information.

icon zero access

End-to-end encrypted data

At no time do we have access to your data. It is encrypted and your decryption key is already with our partner bailiff.

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Secure business succession

Control of identity and legal documents before unlocking access to your data and commissioning the bailiff to hand over the decryption key.

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Michèle A.
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Laurent S.
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As a cryptocurrency owner, I was looking for a way to pass on instructions regarding their management to my heirs.
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I contacted support via the chat bubble and was surprised at how quickly the team was able to answer my questions and queries.

How to set up a business continuity plan effective? 

The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is an essential tool for ensuring the continuity and security of a company's activities. It allows organizations to respond quickly and effectively to any form of crisis or disruption. Consider including access codes for your business accounts with Legapass.

definition of the business continuity plan

1. Definition of the business continuity plan 

A BCP is a procedure designed to ensure the rapid preservation and recovery of activities and critical areas of an organization in the event of a crisis or major disruption.


It is designed to restore and maintain current services seamlessly and without interruption. That is why you must absolutely think about giving your partners or transferees the possibility to retrieve the access codes of your business accounts.

objectives of the business continuity plan

2. Objectives of the business continuity plan 

A good BCP focuses on employee safety, customer satisfaction by ensuring that the negative effects of the crisis on their business are limited and rectified as soon as possible and the maintenance of operational activities to prevent workflow disruption and minimize financial losses.


To complete all these points, your employees will inevitably need your access codes. You may even need recover your codes following a disaster (theft or damage to equipment, etc.).

development of the business continuity plan

3. Elaboration of the business continuity plan

The objective is to determine the critical activities and the human and material resources required to ensure them in the event of a disruption, as well as the procedures to follow to maintain the availability and quality of products and services.


To implement an effective and sustainable business continuity plan, the organization must involve several key players. Consider enter the identity of your partners or transferees in your Legapass account to help us identify them.

implementation of the business continuity plan

4. Implementation of the business continuity plan

Once the BCP is established, the organization must implement it to ensure its consistency and performance.


To do this, you must: implement backup procedures to ensure that all critical information and systems are properly backed up and documented. You must absolutely remember to update your access codes regularly on your Legapass account.

evaluation of the business continuity plan

5. Evaluation and improvement of the business continuity plan 

Once the BCP has been implemented and tested, it is important to conduct regular audits to ensure that it is functioning properly and is consistent with the organization's other plans and strategies.


It is also essential to keep in mind that the plan must be constantly adapted to changing circumstances and conditions. To do this you will need to constantly add access codes for your new business accounts to ensure the security of your business recovery.

To ensure that I can resume my business.

Don't let your pro accounts end up in the hands of a hacker!

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