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Legapass is certified by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.

Cheaper than losing your assets.



Benefit from main features

  • 10 Records per year
  • Heritage mapping
  • Last will and testament
  • Protected by Legapass*
  • Post-mortem restitution : for €460The beneficiary of your Legapass safe deposit box pays the return costs. Based on 460€ + 10€ per year of data retention.
  • Emergency restitution from 8 to 15 days
  • Instructions and last wishes
  • Beneficiary appointment
  • Accounts deletion
Shield image * Ultra-secure storage & Return by commissioner of justice




Cheaper than a Netflix subscription




(or €4.99/month)

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Pay once, protect your access for life!

  • Unlimited records
  • Heritage mapping
  • Last will and testament
  • Protected by Legapass*
  • Restitution post mortem : included (free)
  • Emergency restitution from 3 to 7 days
  • Instructions and last wishes
  • Beneficiary appointment
  • Accounts deletion
Shield image * Ultra-secure storage & Return by commissioner of justice
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Our social networks, mailboxes, photos, cryptocurrencies, photos stored on the cloud or our smartphone... These data continue to exist even when we disappear

Having experienced this situation, I know that it is a real challenge for loved ones, especially in times of grief.

I have long sought a solution to prevent my important data from becoming inaccessible after my passing, or worse, falling into the wrong hands.

Coraline A.

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Protect your transmission access codes with our unique offline transfer technology offline transfer technology

Legapass offline safe


Gather the key information about your heritage on a single platform to facilitate its transmission.

Protection by Legapass

Unlock by bailiff

The bailiff intervenes at the time of restitution to guarantee the right beneficiary gets the access codes.

Reinforce the protection of your digital assets!

Go Premium to transmit your digital heritage free of charge and take full advantage of all our features.

Unlimited Legapass registrations

Unlimited records

Protect all your digital assets and pass them on to your loved ones unlimited.

Legapass emergency recovery

Emergency recovery

In case of loss or disaster? Recover on demand one or more secure access codes.

Legapass secure return

Fast and Free restitution

Your loved ones will benefit from priority restitution between 3 and 7 days to recover all your accesses.

Legapass instructions and wishes

Instructions & Wishes

Communicate essential instructions and ensure that your beneficiary has clear access to your estate.

Restitution to your beneficiaries

Beneficiary appointment

Name the beneficiary designate who will have access to your Legapass safe's content. You decide we execute.

Delete Legapass account and subscriptions

Account deletion

Access our removal service to close specific accounts and cancel subscriptions.

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Finally, a serious, competent and above all unmatched company. The best solution to secure my data and transmit my digital heritage to my loved ones after my passing. In addition, the customer service is top-notch and, above all, it's made in France!!

Johan B.

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I had been looking for a reliable and secure solution to store and transmit my digital assets for a long time. I found it with Legapass, which perfectly meets my needs. Simple, accessible to all and ultra-secure,- I certainly recommend it!

Ferdinand W.

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After listening to the pitch on BFM Business, I thought that Legapass's offer was the solution to allow the person of my choice to have access to my digital assets after my departure! ✅ The onboarding is very smooth and the support team has been very reactive. 

Antoine D.

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