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Azur Business BFM: Interview with Jean-Charles Chemin, President of Legapass

Jean-Charles Chemin, President of Legapass was the guest of Céline Moncel on Azur Business BFM during the broadcast of Tuesday, May 9, 2023 alongside Laurence Bottero, Editor-in-Chief for La Tribune, to talk about issues related to digital legacy and digital death.

Legapass was born "only" a year ago and is interested in a subject that is still largely ignored: digital legacy. What are the stakes of digital death?

➡️ Legapass, a young start-up from Nice specialized in the transmission of digital heritage, has just celebrated its 1 year anniversary last April.

➡️ What is digital death?

Nowadays, everything is more and more digitized: our documents, our photos, our subscriptions, etc. All this dies with us if we do not foresee their transmission. 😱

Legapass helps manage the administrative tornado related to the death of a loved one by providing the family with access to their digital assets (memories, photos, bank accounts, cryptocurrencies, etc.). 

Passing on the contents of your Legapass safe deposit box to your family is the best solution to simplify the process for them and leave them with the keys to access your digital heritage whether it be financial and/or sentimental. ✅

Thanks to our solution, it is also possible for the family to simply close the social network accounts of a deceased person to avoid hacking or stop their subscriptions.

The solution Legapass is based on a patented technology which allows to secure infallibly, on a very long term, identifiers, access codes, passwords, etc. exactly like a safe at the bank. 🔐

The advent of Web3 raises the issue of regaining control of data. Legapass is also involved in this. Is it a subject where everything remains to be done? What is the contribution of research?

➡️ Facebook will soon have more dead than alive. The number of deceased users could reach 4.9 billion before the end of the century. 😱

➡️  Regain control of a person's digital data after deathIf you don't have a password, you run the risk of having your account hacked.

➡️ On the side of cryptocurrencies, it is 20% of bitcoins that are lost Definitely, it's a hundred billion dollars. 🤑

Legapass is one of the deeptechs, companies that are considered disruptive. Bpifrance has dedicated a gas pedal to them. Is it easier to raise funds, to convince investors, to recruit when you are a deeptech?

➡️ We are very proud of this label. It has allowed us to have more support from BPI Francewhich helps us a lot. It is also a great lever for investors who are more reassured. 

You have also recently been incubated within the Allianz Accelerator. What steps should this support help you to take?

➡️ To accelerate our startup, we have integrated an incubator: Allianz Accelerator. This is a great opportunity, as it opens a window on the insurance world, which would be an important stepping stone for us.

Notaries are also interested in your product. What are the prospects for Legapass? Does this mean that legacy data will become part of the inheritance process in the future, as it is for real estate, for example?

➡️ Digital is already part of the estate. Until now, notaries have had no tools to manage this side of the estate and no way to help families access this information.

You have raised a first round of funds for €1M. Is a next round of financing already planned?

➡️ We have announced a first fundraising of one million euros at the end of last year. To further accelerate, we are considering raising between three and five million dollars for our next round of financing.

Are you already interested in the international market? Do you have any competitors?

➡️ For the moment, we are focusing on the French market, but we are obviously thinking of going international afterwards.

➡️ At the level of the competition, no one today offers technology like ours which allows to secure the most sensitive data in a long term and inviolable way.

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