Allianz France's gas pedal explores the metaverse

  • A new promotion of 5 startups.
  • A very web3 oriented promotion.
  • The acquisition of a Startup In Residence by a unicorn.

The Allianz France gas pedal, based in the Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice, has selected 5 startups for its 13thème promotion (Fall Batch #22): Legapass, Gandee, OpenGem, Osol, Workadventure.

A role as a trendsetter for Allianz France and its clients:

For this new promotion, the jury of the Allianz France gas pedal, composed of representatives of Allianz France, has selected five startups in the fields of web3, "tech for good" and the future of work, from a very diverse international shortlist.

For six months, accelerated startups benefit from a network of experts and mentors, leading French and international financiers and investors, and structured and personalized support with a focus on fundraising and international development. Startups can also be offered a strategic partnership with Allianz, or test their solution internationally, thanks to the group's global presence in over 70 countries.

Gandee (https://www.gandee.com/) is a Solidarity As A Service solution that allows SMEs to easily engage in CSR programs and solidarity schemes in favor of trusted associations via turnkey solutions.

Legapass  (https://legapass.com/) provides a solution to the unsolved problem of digital asset succession. Legapass is an ultra-secure platform where users can deposit their access codes to ensure that their crypto-currencies, NFTs, other digital assets, but also their photos can be recovered in full by their loved ones in case of death.

OpenGem (https://opengem.com/) is a standard for securing NFTs. OpenGem provides tools for users and developers to audit and secure ownership of NFTs.

Osol  (https://www.osol.co/) is an impactful startup that has developed the first network of nomadic chargers (smart batteries) capable of eliminating a large portion of cables from work environments. They help improve the hybrid work experience for employees while optimizing real estate, electricity and IT costs as well as employee productivity.

Workadventure (https://workadventu.re/) (Metaventure (https://metadventu.re/)) is a open platform for creating virtual desktops and metavers. The technology allows metavers to be lightweight, powerful and accessible from any device in the world to bring people together without creating new boundaries.

"The gas pedal continues to explore innovation topics and is launching into metavers and web3 with startups that address the issues of security or transmission, essential topics for an insurer, but also a pragmatic use of metavers to facilitate work in hybrid mode. The future of work remains a key theme for Allianz France, a forerunner in new ways of working. states Sylvain Theveniaud, Director of the Allianz France gas pedal.

A successful Startup In Residence program:

For several years now, the gas pedal has launched a "Startup in Residence" program. These startups from abroad develop within the gas pedal and share their culture and experience with the accelerated startups. The program welcomes some great nuggets like the American startup Zendoc, which offers an artificial intelligence for managing contracts. Zendoc has just been acquired by Indian unicorn Sirion Labas, which is owned by renowned investors such as Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global and manages more than 5 million contracts worth over $450 billion in over 70 countries. Through the acquisition of Zendoc, Sirion Labs is establishing a research and development center of excellence in Nice, the second largest in the world after Canada.

A dynamic acceleration which is not denied and a program which evolves:

The acceleration program has enabled several fundraisings since the previous batch: Citalid in the field of cybersecurity raises 12M€ and CozyAir, a specialist in indoor air quality, finalizes a new fundraising of 1.5M€.

As part of the "cross innovation" program, which is at the heart of the gas pedal's DNA, and as part of the development of the partnership for health startups with Villa MWemed has joined the first iMpulsion acceleration program.

In addition, the alumni network plays an important role in fostering acquisitions. For example, after October acquired Finsquare in 2016, MyCoach, one of the startups in the first batch of the gas pedal, bought Joinly, a startup in the last batch, this transaction consolidating the assets of the two companies and strengthening the digital service offering to the French sports movement.

Finally, in order to adapt the program to the new needs of startups, a master class designed in collaboration with the new activity of the RAISE group in Nice will complete the already rich program of the gas pedal. This moment of sharing and teaching will make startups aware of the challenges of commitment and social mission, which are key in terms of positioning and in customers' purchasing decisions.

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