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FIC 2023: security, the core business of Legapass

The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) is always an exciting event. This year it brought together experts, companies and governments from around the world to discuss the latest trends, threats and solutions in cybersecurity.

AlongsideAvangarde Consulting and Monaco Cyber Securitythe Legapass team had the chance to talk with some of the recognized partners and actors in the field of cybersecurity :

➡️ Guillaume Vassault-Houlière and the members of the YesWeHack with whom we have launched a Bug Bounty to test the Legapass security system.

➡️ Fabien AILI from Docapostthe referent of the digital confidence in France.

➡️ Sébastien Martin and the team RAID Squarethe first one-stop shop for WEB3 use case risk mitigation.

➡️ Baptiste Robertthe ethical hacker, cybercrime expert which works in theOsint (Open Source Intelligence).

➡️ and many others...

International Cybersecurity Forum

Among the highlights of the FIC 2023 :

✔️ Stakeholders emphasized theimportance of collaboration between countries to fight cyber attacks. The experts also stressed that companies must also work with governments to strengthen their security.

✔️ AI and cybersecurity : Advances in artificial intelligence have prompted discussions about its use in cybersecurity. Experts discussed the Benefits of AI to detect threats and secure systems.

✔️ Cybersecurity of critical infrastructures Cyber security challenges for critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, power grids and transportation systems were discussed. Solutions were proposed to protect these vital infrastructures.

✔️ Shared responsibility The speakers emphasized that the responsibility for cybersecurity should not lie solely with companies or governments. Users also have a role to play in adopting appropriate security practices.

This event confirmed our willingness to work with professionals to offer them an adapted solution and help secure their company's confidential data for transmission in the event of accident, disability or death

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