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Jury's Coup de Coeur award at the SilverEco Festival

Each year, the the world of the silver economy is eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winners of the various SilverEco Trophies. Among them, the coveted Jury's Favourite Trophy is a fine reward for companies and organizations that stand out in this dynamic, forward-looking sector. In 2023, this event is sure to once again attract the attention of experts in aging well and industry players.

The SilverEco Trophies: a prestigious annual event

Having built up a strong reputation over the years SilverEco Awards are a true symbol of recognition for initiatives that promote ageing well and a healthy lifestyle. care for seniors. The main trophies awarded at the ceremony include :

  1. The Product/Service Innovation Trophy
  2. The Social Action/Networks Trophy
  3. The Customer Journey Trophy
  4. And, of course, the Jury's Favourite Trophy

How the SilverEco Awards work

To take part in the Trophées SilverEco, companies and organizations submit their projects in one or more categories, depending on their field of activity and innovation strategy. The selection process comprises several stages, including :

  • Initial project presentation and evaluation,
  • Nomination of finalists in each category,
  • Online voting by the general public and the final countdown,
  • Passing in front of a expert jury for the finalists, where each project is carefully analyzed
  • Presentation of the Awards at a prestigious ceremony.


Jury's Favourite Trophy 2023 was awarded to Legapass, which impressed the jury with its excellence and originality.

The SilverEco jury of experts

To guarantee the quality of the selection and the relevance of the evaluation criteria, the SilverEco jury of experts is made up of recognized professionals in the silver economy sector. Jury members include :

  • Representatives of public institutions (ministries, regional health agencies, etc.),
  • Specialists from the world of associations and research,
  • Entrepreneurs and executives from companies in the sector.

Thanks to this diverse panel of experts, the Trophées SilverEco jury is in a position to bring different perspectives on issues related to aging well and services for seniorsThis helps us to select the winners in line with the expectations and needs of this population.

Jury selection criteria

To award the Jury's Favourite Trophy, the members of the jury base themselves on several precise criteria, which make it possible to appreciate :

  1. The overall quality and excellence of the project or service presented (performance, ergonomics, safety, etc.),
  2. The innovation and originality of the concept compared to market standards,
  3. A clear customer/user path and ease of use,
  4. Development and growth potential in its sector,
  5. And of course, the positive impact on seniors' daily lives and quality of life.


These criteria reflect the core values and objectives of the SilverEco Awards: promote the most relevant and innovative initiatives in the field of ageing well and encourage the development of new solutions for the elderly.

The Coup de Coeur du Jury Trophy winners, sources of inspiration for the future

Over the years, a number of companies and organizations have been honored with the Jury's Coup de Coeur Trophy. Their projects have often demonstrated great ingenuity, implementing advanced technologies or innovative approaches to improve the daily lives of seniors.

Winners with a wide range of initiatives

Whether they offer connected objects, home assistance services, respite care for caregivers, mobility solutions or adapted food products, these award winners all have one thing in common: they are constantly seeking to innovate and improve their products. offer products that meet the specific needs of seniors.


The Jury's Coup de Coeur award is a perfect illustration of the diversity and richness of the silver economy sector, which can draw on a wide range of players and skills to better care for the elderly.

Legapass, Jury's Coup de Coeur 2023

It is with great pride that we win the Jury's Coup de Coeur award in the Innovations/New Technologies category, at the Trophées Silver Eco Awards.

Many thanks to the jury: Isabelle Marchand - Marjorie Nanteuil - Titouan LEVARD.

Rewarding Legapass means recognizing the importance of absolute protection of digital life, especially for seniors, who are more concerned about this issue.

Follow this link to find out how we differ from conventional digital safes.

Jean-Charles Chemin President of Legapass: SilverEco Jury's Coup de Coeur Award
SilverEco Festival Jury's Favourite Award
Legapass Jury's Coup de Coeur award at the SilverEco Festival

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