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Legapass is certified by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.

Congress of notaries: Legapass, the future champion of legaltech?

The Congrès des notaires de France, the key event for the notarial profession, was the perfect opportunity to announce our new new round of financing by Adnexus, a Legaltech investment fund and subsidiary of the ADSN group.

Part of the ADSN Group, a technology partner to the regulated professions for over 40 years, ADNEXUS is a venture capital fund specializing in supporting legaltech, regtech and proptech start-ups.

Its ambition is to contribute to the emergence of a legaltech and regtech ecosystem in France, with the aim of making everyday life easier for all French people by providing simple, secure access to the services of regulated professions.

This fund, which draws on its in-depth knowledge of the cybersecurity, data and identity management sectors, provides the startups it supports with its legal and technological expertise, as well as access to its ecosystem of partners.

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We are proud that Adnexus, part of the ADSN Group, has recognized Legapass as a future champion of legaltech. This financing round seals and concretizes our relationship of mutual trust with Adnexus. We share the same vision and understanding of the challenges of transforming the notarial profession. Adnexus' guidance and support represent a unique opportunity for us to develop our estate planning tools and anchor Legapass in the world of notaries.
Jean-Charles Chemin, CEO and co-founder of Legapass.

Legapass, a solution designed to make notaries' work easier

The digitization of everyday life has led to a strong increase in the number of digital assets. Notaries, who are responsible for the transfer of assets, must therefore be able to identify and evaluate them.

The solution Legapass meets this need by saving notaries' time and improve the efficiency of their work. It is also a guarantee of security for the notary, who has a duty of care towards his clients and must offer the most complete estate possible, by tracing foreign accounts, for example.

The ultimate goal? To offer a complete solution designed to facilitate notaries' research work in the context of an inheritance.

How does Legapass achieve this? By automating the heritage search process and allowing notaries to effortlessly retrieve a complete inventory of a deceased person's assets from a single platform.

The solution will search and detect all the deceased's assets, including bank accounts, life insurance policies, savings accounts, financial investments and digital assets.

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Come and meet us at 119ᵉ Congress of notaries from September 27 to 29 in Deauville. Visit stand H10-F to take advantage of our special offer. Can't make it? Make an appointment with our teams! 👇

Congress of notaries: what is the impact on the notarial profession?

The Congrès des notaires de France is the must-attend event for French notaries who want to keep abreast of the latest developments in their profession.


👉 One comprehensive book This easy-to-read, almost 1,000-page document analyses the law applicable to a given topic, comparing it with the reality on the ground;
👉 Between 15 and 20 proposals put to the vote by French notaries and submitted to public authorities with a view to improving the law and professional practice;
👉 An annual democratic and political highlight bringing together over 4,000 participants and exhibitors ;
👉 140 partners exhibitors, including some sixty associations and public-interest foundations, and 35 foreign delegations.

The rich and varied program of the Congrès des notaires de France covers all areas of notarial law, with conferences, workshops and round tables on a variety of themes.
Notaries can thus learn about new laws, regulations and technologies and new practices.
It's also an opportunity to meet colleagues from all over France and exchange views on their practicesto share experiences and forge links.
On top of all that, it's the best way to get involved in the life of the profession by making your voice heard and participating in discussions on the future of the profession.

This annual trade event organized by the Association Congrès des Notaires de FranceA notarial organization with more than 130 years of experience in serving the public interest, the "Forum de l'intérêt général" is held every year in September, bringing together notaries from all over France and beyond. The aim is to produce an annual reflection of general interest, based on notarial practice and in daily contact with citizens.

The theme of housing is at the heart of this 2023 edition taking place in Deauville from September 27 to 29. 🗓

This is a major challenge for French society. As real estate law professionals, notaries are directly concerned by housing issues.

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