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Legapass blows out its second candle 🎂 and po celebrate, here is the very first edition of your exclusive newsletter on the theme of cybersecurity. 🔐 
In each issue, you'll find: informative articles, best practices for securing your data and the latest news from Legapass with the latest features available. Our aim: to enable you to retain ownership of your data so that you can pass it on to others one day. 🛡️ 

🔐 Safety tip :

🔒 Secure your account with 2FA

2FA, or double authentication, does more than simply ask you for your passwordbut also requires a second method (such as a secret code sent via a mobile application or SMS), making hacking more complex.

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FranceConnect, cis the solution proposed by the securing and simplifying connections online services. New Legapass users can now register easily and securely via FranceConnect

🗞 Legapass news:

🤝 New partner: ADNEXUS, a subsidiary of the ADSN group

We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Adnexus, a subsidiary of the ADSN group,an investor specializing in legaltech start-ups. This fund-raising marks a new chapter in the history of Legapass. It will enable us to strengthen our position in the notary market, while benefiting from the financial backing and expertise of a recognized strategic partner.

❓Did you know?

🏆 Legapass, jury favorite and gold medalist

We are proud to have won the Jury's Coup de Coeur trophy at the SilverEco festival and the gold medal at the insurance trophiesin the Affinity Innovation category. These awards show that our solution responds to a real social challenge, and testify to the interest shown in our service by insurance professionals.

Your opinion means a lot to us, so please let us know your thoughts and suggestions 👉 lina@legapass.com.

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