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Legapass is certified by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.

Legapass, specialist in digital inheritance and estate planning, obtains the backing of Adnexus, a subsidiary of the ADSN group.

Paris, September 28, 2023

On the occasion of Congress of French Notaries from September 27 to 29, 2023, Legapass, a French nugget with expertise in securing and transmitting digital heritage, is proud to announce a new fundraising by Adnexus, a legaltech investment fund and subsidiary of the ADSN group.

On the strength of this new milestone, Legapass is extending its value proposition to legal experts by offering notaries and their clients its estate planning solution. Legapass guarantees the protection of sensitive data needed to settle estates, where the value of digital assets is growing daily.

Founded in 2021, Legapass is a start-up of securing and passing on the digital legacy. It offers individuals and businesses a simple solution for protecting their data, thanks to military-grade encryption and offline safes. This partnership with Adnexus represents the culmination of two years of technological development, and enables us toextend Legapass services to the world of notaries. In this context, and in order to facilitate the work of notaries, Legapass is launching a new tool that enables them to draw up a complete asset search report, including digital assets - data that is difficult for notaries to access and quantify.

Adnexus, an investment fund attached to the ADSN Group an expert in the protection, exchange and storage of sensitive data for the regulated professions, has had a raison d'être from the outset, with the ambition of bringing to the fore the France's future legaltech champions. Adnexus is rooted both in the world of tech and in the world of law and regulated professions. Building on this DNA, the fund will provide concrete support for the development of Legapass' business.

"We are proud that Adnexus, a member of the ADSN Group, recognizes Legapass as a future champion of legaltech. This financing round seals and consolidates our relationship of mutual trust with Adnexus. We share the same vision and understanding of the challenges of transforming the notarial profession. The guidance and support of Adnexus represents a unique opportunity for us to develop our estate planning tools and to offer our clients the best possible service.anchoring Legapass in the world of notariesexplains Jean-Charles Chemin, co-founder and President of Legapass.

Didier Rossignol, CEO and Managing Partner of Adnexus and Chairman of the Board of Groupe ADSNWe are delighted with this investment, which is fully in line with Adnexus' investment strategy, which aims to support new cybersecurity, data management and identity management solutions in the regulated professions. We were won over by the quality and commitment of the Legapass management team, and by its innovative vision. "

About Legapass

Founded in Nice in 2021 by Jean-Charles Chemin, Eric Maïda and Adelina Prokhorova, 3 software engineers, Legapass is an inheritance transmission start-up. It offers individuals and companies alike secure and pass on their digital assets. With military-grade encryption, offline storage models and ethical hackers, Legapass guarantees its users a high level of data security. Since 2023, the company has extended its services to notaries by offering to secure their customers' highly confidential data and carry out a complete heritage research report.

About Adnexus

Adnexus is a venture capital fund specializing in legaltech, regtech and proptech startups. Part of the ADSN GroupAs a technology partner to the regulated professions for over 40 years, Adnexus draws on its in-depth knowledge of the cybersecurity, data and identity management sectors. Our obsession: to make everyday life easier for everyone in France, by providing simple, secure access to the services of regulated professions. Our ambition: to contribute to the emergence of a legaltech and regtech ecosystem in France. Our project: to invest and make our legal and technological expertise available to start-ups as well as access to our ecosystem of partners.

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Contact the PR team : legapass@escalconsulting.com

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