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Gold medal at the Trophées de l'assurance, affinity innovation category

The insurance industry is constantly evolving, and represents a key sector of our economy. Each year, the Trophées de l'assurance awards the best initiatives and innovations in the insurance world.. The Gold Medal is the highest distinction awarded by a jury of experts at this prestigious event. Let's take a look at what's at stake at this ceremony, and at the latest trends in the insurance industry.

The Trophées de l'assurance: a benchmark event in France

Created in 2001, the Trophées de l'assurance spotlight the major players in this dynamic sector, through some twenty categories judged by a panel of independent experts. This annual competition represents a veritable showcase for French innovation and expertise in insurance. Jury members, nominees and winners come together for a gala evening to announce the long-awaited results.

Numerous categories to cover the entire insurance spectrum

To reward the best initiatives and innovations, the Trophées de l'assurance are awarded in the following categories some twenty distinct categories. These include :

  • The best car insurance offer,
  • The most innovative individual health product,
  • The best digital insurance platform,
  • The best after-sales service in home insurance.


This non-exhaustive list illustrates the diversity of the fields covered by this competition, which offers insurance players the opportunity to distinguish themselves in different market segments.

Jury selection criteria

To determine which insurers or innovators deserve to be honored at this prestigious ceremony, the jury's decision is based on several criteriasuch that :

  • Originality and innovation,
  • Quality of service,
  • Sales performance,
  • Respect for the environment and the principles of sustainable development.


Each year, we honor the players who have set themselves apart by meeting these requirements, offering genuine professional recognition for award winners.

Key insurance trends of recent years

The award of the Gold Medal at the Trophées de l'assurance testifies to the company's commitment to the insurance industry.constant evolution of the sector. A number of trends have emerged in recent years, and these are likely to continue in the future.

The rise of digitalization and artificial intelligence

In recent years, the development of new technologies has led to a veritable digital transformation of the insurance market. Online platforms, chatbots and mobile applications are now at the heart of the customer experience, enabling us to better meet policyholders' needs and expectations. Digitization therefore represents a key challenge for players in the sector, and strongly influences their strategic decisions.

An increasingly user-centric approach

Promoting customer autonomy and satisfaction has become a priority in the insurance industry. To achieve this, today's insurers are focusing on customized offersoffering flexible contracts and adapted to every need. What's more, after-sales services and preventive measures are playing an increasingly important role in the policyholder-insurer relationship.

Eco-responsibility and social commitment

Finally, in response to the environmental and societal challenges we face, many players in the insurance sector are now adopting a more proactive approach. responsible investment policies and develop more environmentally-friendly products. Against this backdrop, it is essential to take this eco-responsible and socially responsible dimension into account at the Trophées de l'assurance médaille d'or.

🏆 Legapass wins gold medal at Trophées de l'assurance 2023

Legapass, a pioneer in digital transmissionwas a standout performer at the 22ᵉ edition of the Insurance Trophies !

We are honoured to have received the Affinity Innovation AwardThe award was presented by Patrick RAFFORT, President of FG2A, to our CEO Jean-Charles CHEMIN.

This award is testimony to the appreciation of our offer by insurance professionals, and complements our previous success. Jury's favorite award, won this season at the SilverEco festival.

Legapass wins gold medal at Trophées de l'assurance insurance awards
Gold medal at the Trophées de l'assurance 2023 awards

We're delighted with the warm, professional welcome we've received for our solution, which is part of a continuous innovation approach to better protect your digital assets.

A huge thank you to Emmanuelle LAMBIJOU, who organized the ceremony, to the jury, chaired by Stéphanie Boutin and Alice Holzman, and to all the organizers who made this event possible. Congratulations to all the winners present at this very successful evening!

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite decision-makers to the next Réavie congress in Cannes from October 11 to 13, where we will be present. 

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