Manage an Outlook.com mailbox after death in 3 steps

How to recover an Outlook mailbox?

A loved one has just left you with a great void in your heart. Your sadness is immense, but you must face the many formalities that follow the death.

Your loved one had a Outlook email address. By accessing it, you will certainly find information, such as photos or emailsin charge of memories that you can recover and keep in memory of the deceased.

If the deceased did not give you the access codes, but you were aware of them, contact Legapassspecialized in the numerical succession. Your loved one may have made arrangements for you to receive the access to all its accounts and subscriptions online.



How to recover the contents of an Outlook email box?

Go to the Outlook accountthen go to "Fileat the top left, then in "Open and export. Then select "Import/Export. The Export and Import Wizard window will open. Select from the drop-down menu : "Export data to a fileclick on "Next". In the box that opens, select "Outlook data file".click on "Next".

Using the window that has just appeared, you will select the items you wish to retrieve.

You can choose to select all or only a part of it, by clicking on "Filter". You then have a whole range of criteria available to you to make your selection.

If you are exporting the entire Outlook account, click on "Next" on the previous window. The destination path of the file that is about to be exported is written, you can change it by clicking on browse in order to store it in the place of your choice. Then click on "Finish". A window opens allowing you to define a password that will be necessary to open the file. You then enter a password that you confirm below and click on "OK.". If you don't want to set a password, just click on "OK." without grasping anything.

The export file generated is therefore a file.pstit does backup office also and could therefore be reimported in case of need.




How to delete an Outlook mailbox  ?

➡ You have access to the account

If this is your case, connect to the Outlook account and select "File in the upper left corner of the screen.

Click on the insert "Account Settings then again underneath on "Account Settings...". Select the account you want to delete, then click on "Delete".

A message telling you that the entire content of the cache in offline mode will be deleted. This is only the content downloaded and stored on the computer.

Finalize by clicking on "Yes." to validate the final deletion of the account.


➡ You do not have the account access

No need to panic, Microsoft provided for the rightful legatee to recover the deceased's data in the form of CD. Account access will not be disclosed.

You must send Microsoft all the necessary legal documents, namely: a copy of your identity card, a copy of the death certificate, a copy of the will or legal document attesting that you are the legitimate legatee of the deceased, as well as all other documents in your possession relating to the death.

The address is as follows: msrecord@microsoft.com


You will also need to provide Microsoft with items regarding the deceased's account, such as:

  • Outlook email address
  • Name and surname of the person
  • His/her date of birth and address at the time of account creation
  • The period of creation of the account if you can't give a precise date
  • When was the last time the user used the account (always approximately, of course)?
  • Your postal address so that you can receive the archives (excluding P.O. Box).
  • The type of computer you use and its operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux...)

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the following link.


Because it's easier to retrieve data by downloading it directly to a computer rather than having to retrieve a CD, Leave your access codes to your heirs posthumously, by creating your account now.

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