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Managing a Snapchat account after death

Having a quick add suggestion on Snapchat, or scrolling up through discussions and coming across a deceased acquaintance or loved one is always an unpleasant moment.

We prefer not to have this person's profile displayed in our suggestions.

To do this, can we delete the account of the deceased? or turn it into commemoration account ?


Commemoration account 

Memorial accounts on Snapchat are unfortunately not possible.


Delete the Snapchat account of a deceased person 


If you have his access codes 

  • Login to the deceased's account.
  • Click on the top left corner of your bitmoji.
  • Click on the cog icon, which will take you to the account settings.
  • Click on Support > I need help.
  • Click on My Account and Security.
  • Click on Delete my account.
  • Click on Account Portal and enter the deceased's credentials
  • Validate by clicking on Continue, the account will then be deactivated

Please note that if you do not log back into the account within 30 days, the account will be deleted.


If you have the access codes for the deceased's account, you have certainly obtained them via Legapass. So, just like your deceased loved one, don't wait and prepare now for the transmission of your digital legacy by opening your account.


If you do not have his access codes 

  • On the Snapchat site, click on Support > Contact Us.
  • Select "report a security problem".
  • When asked "Do you need help?" select "Yes".
  • Click on the "this person is deceased" option.
  • Enter the contact information and other information required by the interface to close and delete the deceased's account.


It is recommended that they write in English for a faster processing of your request. Also, Snapchat will not give you the right to access the deceased's account. Finally, you will need to provide the official death certificate of the deceased.

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Johan B.
Johan B.
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Finally a serious, competent and above all unrivalled company. The best solution to secure my data and transmit my digital heritage to my relatives when I die. Moreover the service is top and especially, it is made in France!
Rudy P.
Rudy P.
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I was looking for some time for a data backup service so that my children can recover them in case of unforeseen events and I knew you thanks to an advertisement on nice matin . I find the ease of use in addition. Congratulations to you and moreover it is nissart 😁.
Yannis D.
Yannis D.
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The platform is easy to use and offers a reliable service to protect your digital data. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to future-proof their digital assets.
Anissa L.
Anissa L.
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I don't comment much but I must admit that the service is indispensable. We think too little about digital security: social networks, sensitive files and others and yet it has value
Theo D.
Theo D.
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Legapass is a good solution to protect your crypto but also your passwords. Secure and 100% French !