How to secure your MetaMask?

For secure your MetaMask wallet you use a secret phrase called seed phrase. Its role is essential in the MetaMask protectionHowever, if you forget, you will lose your account.

That's why you absolutely must have a reliable way to find her and be able to recover your cryptocurrencies. It is the same for its transmission to your heirs in case of worries. 

LEGAPASS offers you an ultra-secure solution. Your confidential data are figures before being stored in a offline safe.

What is a MetaMask?

What is MetaMask?

A online cryptocurrency walletcommonly known as wallet among crypto fans.

And what's the point?

With your MetaMask account you will be able to to store and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Is it safe?

In terms of security, it incorporates a anti-pishingThis makes it more capable of warding off phishing attempts.


Cow does it work? 

This cryptocurrency wallet is available as amobile application (iOS and Android) or on browser where he is presented as an extension (compatible with the browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Brave).


It allows tointeract with decentralized applications (DApps) based on the principle of blockchain (blockchains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) as a Binance chain, Avalanche or Polygon) and networks programmed in Solidity (language of Ethereum - ETH). But also to use decentralized finance applications (or DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (like NFTs).


Cow to install and use it? 

To use it, nothing could be easier! 

1 - Buy the extension, it's free!

All you have to do is downloader l'extension free. In the search bar of your browser, type: "Download MetaMask"or click on the link. Then proceed to download the application which will then install directly on your browser. You will find it in your list of extensions.

2 - Configure your account

Launch the application and set a password.

3 - Retrieve your seed phrase

Let's move on to the generation of the famous Seed phrase or phrase to retrieve your keys : click on the lock to reveal the secret words of your seed phrase automatically generated. ATTENTION: you must absolutely note this series of words somewhere. Without it you won't have access to your cryptos! That's why we have designed LEGAPASS: a super secure place to keep your seed phrase well protected from pirates! 


How to protect your account?

What is a seed sentence?

In English seed means seed. The idea is to indicate that this recovery phrase is at the base of the key, therefore at the root. It is from this idea that the term "seed" was born.

We can also qualify the seed phrase mnemonic. It is therefore a series of words, between 12 and 24 to be precise, proving the possession of public and private keys and serving as a recovery process of a wallet.

This passphrase allows the generation of the private and public keys of the wallet. It has the advantage of grouping all the private keys in order to put them behind a unique password.

Protect your MetaMask with the seed phrase

In case of loss or theft of your wallet or its login passwordNo one will be able to retrieve it. The seed phrase alone represents your only hope.

On the other hand, it is very important not to disclose it under any circumstances and to preserve it as much as possible from hacking or it will be used to access your wallet and steal your cryptocurrencies. Some people write it down somewhere, others put it in a digital safe or use a password manager (which themselves often incorporate digital safes).

To learn more about how to secure your seed phrase on MetaMaskSee our dedicated article!

How to secure your MetaMask with Legapass?

You have a MetaMask account ? Don't forget to go fill in your login information on your Legapass dashboard. If it is not already the case, open your account now

When you registered, you may have already selected "MetaMask in the drop-down list Crypto wallet ". In this case you will find on your dashboard notification to remind you to fill in your confidential information related to this account.

If this is not the case, you will have to click on "Add a secret", choose MetaMask in the drop-down list and fill in all the fields with your connection data (including the famous seed phrase in the "key" tab). MetaMask Legapass Above all, always keep in mind that whoever owns your seed phrasehas your cryptos ! So don't wait to register your Seed Phrase from your Legapass accountwhich will take care of restoring access to your loved ones, thus protecting your cryptos from being hacked or forgotten.

Free and secure!