How to secure your seed phrase on MetaMask?

These words are part of a standard beep 39 that contains 2048 words that are part of the English dictionary.

From 4ème letter, each of these words becomes totally unique.

It is therefore impossible to make a mistake in the restoration of its seed phrase.

That is, if you start by typing the first 4 letters, the end of the word will be displayed in an intuitive way.

Some words also include 3 letters. So you can import any of the seed phrase operating under this beep 39 standard.

However, in practice, this is not respected by all weights, so you may not be able to re-import your phrase into any wallet.



With a MetaMask wallet

➡ Importing our wallet into a browser

For this purpose, since the MetaMaskclick on the account containing cryptos (often account 1), then on Parameters " with the jog wheel and then in the list that appears, select Security and privacy ". Then click on "Reveal the secret recovery phrase". You must then re-enter your passwordfor obvious security reasons. Your secret recovery phrase is displayed.

You can then copy it (it is saved in the clipboard). You will then only have to use the option paste " later) or save it in a csv file.

You can now go to another browser or directly to your smartphone to proceed with theimport your wallet.


➡ Restore via seed phrase from Brave browser

Connect to the MetaMask from the Brave navigator by downloading the extension for Brave. You are directly asked to restore the account using the seed phrase.

You must therefore enter the 12 words of the seed phrase before creating a new password, confirm it and finally click on "Restore".

You can then access the funds in the Wallet.

If some currencies are not visible, you can click on "Add tokens and search for the corresponding missing items in the search bar.

Metamask on Brave

For example: you enter the first letters of Compound : COMP " and the list appears below. You select the one you want and you can then access your account balances.

You also have the possibility to restore your wallet in a physical wallet, also called "hard wallet.

We have based the following explanations on a SafePal wallet.

Once you have it, we invite you to click on the + at the top right of the screen.


Hard Wallet (SafePal)

Then you select "Software portfolioand then "import via recovery phrase".

It is possible to import Seed Phrase of 12, 15, 18, 21 or even 24 words. You have to enter the 12 words from the seed phrase of the MetaMask then enter the " Name of the portfolio " before clicking on "Import a portfolioat the bottom of the screen.

Then, all the funds are restored on the Wallet judging by the screen below.

Restoration Wallet MetaMask

It is also possible to have the details and to find all the transactions made, as well as the address. To do this, you click on a currency in the list and you access a screen displaying the incoming and outgoing flows.



The restore a crypto wallet using the seed phrase Now that you have no secrets, think about securing access for your heirs.

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