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How to recover passwords from a manager?

Often we don't know how to recover your passwords to enter your access to your digital data in Legapass. If you use a manager, read this article! We will detail you in this article, how to retrieve them from the managers the most famous :



Recovering passwords from browsers with a password manager

➡ Mozilla Firefox

Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and at the top right, click on the 3 horizontal bars related to the menu.

Then select "PasswordsA new tab will appear displaying the list of your identifiers in alphabetical order.

You can then manage your passwords, thanks to the text box on the right. You can thus, the modify, copy or delete them as you wish.


Export your login details

From the initial page of the browser, click on the menu button at the top right, then on passwords "Then click on the three horizontal dots at the top right of the new page. Finally, select "Export identifiersfrom the drop-down list.


➡ Google Chrome

Since the Chrome browserIf you are logged in to your account, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and then on the key: thee Chrome manager is displayed.

If you want to make changes, you need to click on the "check" button in order to interact with your access codes.

You will then be able to perform all the following actions:

View, change, delete or export your passwords using the buttons of the same name. 


➡ Microsoft Edge

Open your Edge browserthen click on the three horizontal dots at the top right and select Parameters " in the last options from the bottom of the drop-down list.

Then click on "Passwords" in the middle area of the screen. You will see a list of your passwords.

The option ofexport of passwords is not provided, however, you can delete them if necessary after having displayed them. To do this, from the left-hand menu, select " Privacy, Research and Services ". In Delete browsing data", click on "Choose items to delete", then select "Passwords" and "Delete now ".


➡ Windows

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Then click on "User Accounts".
  3. You will see the words "Login Manager". Click on it.
  4. There are two sections, the first "Web Login" and the second "Windows Login".
  5. Under "Web Login", you will find all the accounts and their respective passwords corresponding to your Internet activity. You can retrieve them by clicking on the arrow to the right of each account.
  6. A drop-down tab will appear. Click on the "Show" sign next to the password.
  7. Then enter your Windows administrator password to access each username and password.


How to recover your passwords from the best managers?

➡ NordPass

For a maximum of 4,99€ per month, the platform offers you the possibility to save your accesses in a secure wayin your place.

The recovery of passwords is done by entering your main password. So you only need to memorize one.

NordPass has a functionality allowing both theimport that theexport of passwords. You can easily download a file in csv format that leads to the identifiers in your safe NordPass.


➡ Keepass

This manager has the big advantage of being for the moment completely free of charge.

Its operation is very simple, which does not prevent it from having a multitude of features.

Passwords are stored in a single secure file governed by a unique password, the "Master Password".


➡ Bitwarden

The interface offers a free version and several paid versions, the most expensive of which does not exceed 5$ per month.

It allows the storage of passwords via a single passwordwhich is the interface.

If you have lost the password of the tool, you have the possibility to delete the account Bitwarden using the verification link that will be sent to the email address used to create the account. You will then have to recreate an account on the interface.


➡ Dashlane

Like most password vaults, Dashlane works with a Master" password.

However, its particularity lies in the fact that it is a extension that you need install on your browser.

The tool also guides you on the security level of your passwords. Thus a password Chaner is integrated, allowing the replacement of insecure passwords by new automatically generated passwords.

How to use Dashlane and Legapass to secure your passwords?


➡ Passky

Completely freethis password manager uses the 2 factor authentication (2FA).

It also integrates a quick search tool allowing to find your passwords easily and quickly.

It also allows theintegration of passwords from other managersbut also export.

Passky also has its own mobile application as well as its Chrome extension.


➡ Enpass

This manager integrates a password generator.

Enpass owes its competitive advantage to its data synchronization on the cloud (whatever it may be) as well as the filling out identification forms in a way that automatic.

Several packages are offered, including one free and one at 71.19€ for life, for the most expensive.


➡ Dropbox Passwords

The particularity of Dropbox Passwords is to allow you a easier connection to the sites that you regularly visit, so that you don't have to enter the access identifiers and passwords.

A password generator as well as a security level indicator are also integrated into the tool.

The free version allows a maximum of 50 passwords to be stored.


➡ 1Password

In addition to the master password inherent to each manager, 1Password provides a non-modifiable key and allows its users to save an emergency kit containing the connection data (including the key ID), which can also be printed.

The interface allows you to connect quickly to the websites you visit without having to copy and paste identifiers. The registration of sensitive data is also a service offered by 1Password.

The interface has a free version and the paid version starts at 2,99€ per month.


➡ Keeper

More than a unlimited password storage manager, Keeper also includes a password generator with complexity level indicator.

Real data storage databaseIn addition, it is also possible for users to ensure the security of credit cards, notes, phone numbers or other types of data.

The tool also uses the2-factor authentication.

A sharing feature is available to customers, allowing the exchange of both passwords and data files.

This tool does not have a free version, apart from the 30-day trial version.

The basic package starts at 3.75€ per month.


➡ RoboForm

Very similar to Keeper, RoboForm has exactly the same functionality.

Nevertheless, it allows for the management of TOTP authentication applications (Google and Microsoft Authenticator), which is not the case for all managers.

Its basic options are available in free version. The paid version starts at 1,99€ per month.


➡ LastPass

LastPass is a extension, adaptable to all browsers, which saves passwords to avoid having to re-enter them later by copy/paste.

Other types of data can also be stored on the interface.

Thus, the features of this tool are quite similar to those of its competitors.

There is no free version for LastPass. The cheapest version starts at 2,90€ per month.


Safety is paramount!

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