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Logging in without a password: how does it work?

Login without password can be confusing at first.

However, there are many connection modes that do not require a password.

Thus, you can use login information such as fingerprints, facial recognition, a single-use code sent by sms or email and many more.

Instead, we will discuss the method of connection by mail with this recent and practical means of access which is also called the magic link "(equivalent to: log in without password).


What is the purpose of the Magic Link?

Don't remember your password?

Isn't this what happens to all of us more or less frequently?

We no longer count the number of times we click on " Regenerate your password " !

The magic link allows you to connect without a password thus putting an end to the torture of your memory and the risks of hacking!


Some sites, such as Legapass, offer to connect without a password.

The means of authentication is simple: just enter your email address and a confirmation code is then sent to you via this same address, which you only have to fill in to connect to your account.


The magic links, a a guarantee of safety!

When we know that an individual has an average of 100 accounts and that this number is constantly growing, passwords tend to become the "weak link" in the protection of our data.

Since memory has its limits, most Internet users reuse either the same password for all their accounts or subtle variations, thus offering hackers something to enjoy!

A security flaw on one of the sites used and it is all the sites visited with the same password, which are compromised!

Did you know that for a company, the storage of user IDs and passwords represents a significant cost?

This is not only a financial saving, but also a time saving for the user.

Finally, unlike the double authentication (or 2FA) "Login without password" does not require the use of a smartphone, i.e. an additional login medium.


Several ways to log in without a password:

➡ The direct link

It consists of a logo, a sentence or two, not much more, the indication of the expiration date and a link or clickable button.

➡ The magic link and dual authentication handset

- double authentication is adaptable to the user's mailbox, but also to the platform he wants to connect to. Thus added to the connection link, the security is optimal.

➡ The magic link with a use-by date

This type of link can no longer be used after a certain period of time.

➡ The single-use link

The security level is excellent since it must be regenerated for each connection.

Legapass uses "one-time link" technology to help its users log in without a password.


Magic Links are a simple and obvious answer to the challenges of security, user experience and growth. They allow users to log in to accounts using a single link, rather than entering a username and a password.

The magical links thus making the more secure connection and easier for users, which improves their experience. In addition, logging in without a password also helps businesses grow by allowing them to provide a seamless and frictionless login experience for their users.

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