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"Annalisa Cappellini on BFM Business.

Annalisa Cappellini receives Jean-Charles Cheminco-founder and president of Legapass, in the "La pépite" column on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, broadcast from Monday to Friday in Good Morning Business and presented by Laure Closier and Christophe Jakubyszyn on BFM Business.

What is digital heritage, and how can it be passed on?

🎤 Laure Closier : "Hello everyone, today we present to you Legapass, our nugget presented by Annalisa Cappellini with the Good Morning Business team. This morning we'll be talking about digital heritage. "
🎤 Annalisa Cappellini Yes, with a nugget that will interest Anthony Morel, crypto enthusiast. Anthony, you own cryptocurrencies, right?"
🎤 Anthony Morel : "Obviously, and even millions (laughs)."
🎤 Christophe Jakubyszyn: "Vos heirs do they know?"
🎤 Anthony Morel : "Precisely, that's why this subject interests me."
🎤 Annalisa Cappellini: "In any case, this morning we're going to talk about revolutionizing estate planning. Is that what you want to do, Jean-Charles Chemin? You're co-founder and president of the Legapass solution. So, explain to us how you want to plan all this?"

🎤 Jean-Charles Chemin: "First of all, hello and thank you to the whole team for having me on BFM Business. In fact, I'm President and one of the founders of the solution - there are 3 of us in all. At Legapass, we deal with secure the transmission of your digital heritage.

In fact, there are some real issues: "How do we go about keep ultra-confidential data safe for years and return it to you in the right conditions to the right person". Of course, there are many people who would like to get their hands on this data".

How does digital heritage transfer work?

🎤 Laure Closier : "So how do we do it? "

🎤 Jean-Charles Chemin: "What happens technically may be a little complicated to explain, but as a user, here's how it works:

1️⃣ Open your free account on legapass.com in a matter of seconds.

2️⃣ Add your confidential information (passwords and access codes).

3️⃣ The secure transfer of your estate to your beneficiary is guaranteed.

Click here to see how to open your account in 5 minutes ⏰ :

🎤 Christophe Jakubyszyn: "So in fact, you're going to have all the passwords for my digital accountsFacebook, Instagram, my Ledger key, etc. for example? And for my cryptos, I also have to give you my seed phrase ? "

🎤 Anthony Morel : "If I understand correctly, I have to confide in you the thing I'm supposed to confide in absolutely no one. So, I still have to trust you a hell of a lot!"

🎤 Jean-Charles Chemin: "Of course, we do everything we can to be trustworthy. We pass all the necessary labels, and above all, you should know that we built the product around safety.

But if, despite all that, you only half trust us, you can simply leave us to it. part of your seed sentence. As a result, the other part will be much less sensitive and you'll be able to distribute it around you.

🎤 Anthony Morel : "Ah yes, that's not bad! By the way, we're talking about seed phrase without explaining, and not everyone here is an expert.

Quite simply, when you have a crypto account we have a sentence with 24 words which is in fact your password and only you have access to it. So it's not bad if you actually give half to Legapass and then the other half to someone in your family, for example."

🎤 Christophe Jakubyszyn: "Besides, it's not just about cryptos, for example, when there's a deathwe all know how complicated it is to be able to intervene on a joint accountmake all the administrative proceduresto adjust invoices in the name of a spouse, etc. Finally, it can become a administrative headache !

So that's where Legapass comes in, but you need to know that the person you're managing succession used this type of solution.

🎤 Jean-Charles Chemin: "Of course, to solve this complex problem, we have to cross-reference a lot of information. That's why, we'll be working with notaries since we are in the process of developing a service that will enable them to query our database on a regular basis to find out whether the person was registered with us, but also to find other information about an estate.

Of course, it's also good practice to inform your family and friends indicate in his will access codes for digital assets are stored in a Legapass safe.

What's more, for the French, we're connected to the Insee file that publishes deaths (this is public data), so we regularly match our user base.

How much does it cost to pass on your digital heritage?

🎤 Annalisa Cappellini: " How much does this solution cost? ? "

🎤 Jean-Charles Chemin: "Our Premium rates start at 4.99 per month.

You can also benefit from our free discovery offer which is really for everyone. In other words, you can open an account in a matter of seconds without taking out your bank card."

🎤 Christophe Jakubyszyn: " It's free after you're dead ? "

🎤 Jean-Charles Chemin: "Yes, the service stops, like life insurance. Your beneficiary has access to your entire estate at no additional cost.

🎤 Anthony Morel : "Yes, it's unlocking anyway, isn't it?"

🎤 Jean-Charles Chemin: "Exactly."

🎤 Anthony Morel : "Yes, that's right, but who pays in the end? I do, in my lifetime or my beneficiaries ? "

🎤 Laure Closier : "It works like a death insurance in fact?"

🎤 Jean-Charles Chemin: "Either you pay during your lifetime, so that your beneficiary has nothing to pay to recover your data, or you use the discovery formula, which is free for youBut at that point, we'll ask the estate to bear the transmission costs.

🎤 Anthony Morel : "That's what you have to do. If they want the cryptos back, they pay."

Who does Legapass aim to "simplify estate planning"?

🎤 Laure Closier : "Who are you talking to? Because we're talking about cryptosbecause there's money at stake, but the same applies to accounts. Netflix, Facebook or even invoices, etc.

Younger customers, for example, aren't always interested in inheritance matters, perhaps rightly so, but they should be. How do you position yourself?"

🎤 Jean-Charles Chemin: "In fact, we're really going to appeal to everyone, sincewe protect all individuals and, unfortunately, you never know when something's going to happen to you. So it's important to think ahead, to be careful.

In addition to this, we will be addressing individual cryptocurrency ownersBut that's not all. There are many other things to protect, such as access to your phone, your computer, your email address, your online photos...

It can also be a company director which has super-important data to transmit so that its box can continue to function. Think of it as a service that backs up part of its memory to ensure that it can continue to operate. passing on crucial information for the benefit of a partnerfor example, if anything should happen to him.

How can I guarantee secure 100% transmission of my digital assets?

🎤 Anthony Morel : "So, let's come back to this question of the Security. Because there in addition to access to cryptocurrencies, you're keeping confidential corporate data.

This makes you a perfect target for hackers, who figure they'll have everything they want in one place.

So.., how do you ensure that my data is secure? ? Do you have any special features?"

🎤 Jean-Charles Chemin: "Of course, that's a very good question and the answer can be very long. I'll try to summarize.

Already, a product designed around safety. In other words, we didn't design the product before asking the question of security, we went the other way round. This is what we call "security by design": we designed a innovative technology taking into account all safety measures to ensure that the product is as safe as possible.

In fact, we have developed a tool of our own that includes a major innovation, the offline storage from data collected online. Your data is encrypted, and we have no access to it. They are then placed in real safes disconnected from the Internet (to avoid any attack) and replicated in different locations in France (to guarantee their availability even in the event of a problem on one of the sites).

Safety is our core business 🔐

We also have a bug bounty program which reaches a very high level with YesWeHack Europe's first Bug Bounty platform. We've opened what we call a public program. This means that 45,000 hackers were invited to test our platform in real time. Of course, if they ever find a technical fault, they are awarded. This is one of the guarantees we take to ensure that our system is infallible. "

How many users have already put their trust in Legapass to pass on their digital heritage?

🎤 Annalisa Cappellini: "You launched Legapass two years ago, in October 2021. How many subscribers do you have to date? ? "

🎤 Jean-Charles Chemin: "These are already several thousand users who use Legapass, and the pace is still accelerating. This represents around a hundred registrations a day.

The startup is still in its infancy, which is why we plan to bring on board a number of influencers who can help us accelerate even faster.

All the signals are green and the issue really speaks to people. "

🎤 Christophe Jakubyszyn: "Thank you very much, Jean-Charles Chemin, for presenting Legapass this morning live from the Longchamp racecourse, and La REF, this start-up, this nugget by Annalisa Cappellini. "

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