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Holographic will template : Free example to download

A holographic will is an effective and personal way to express your last wishes regarding your assets.

For some people, the idea of making a will can seem daunting, especially without the help of a notary. However, if you are well guided and have a good understanding of the process, you can write a holographic will at homethat respects your intentions and protects your beneficiaries.

Follow this guide to find out everything you need to know about making a holographic will and discover our models and examples of wills to download to write your own at home.

Understanding the holographic will

The holographic will is a document written entirely by hand by the testator.

To be valid, it must be signed and dated by the person who wrote it. 

It pleases a lot, because it does not require the presence of a notary.

This type of will is legal in France and offers great flexibility in terms of estate planning.

How to make a will at home?

It is perfectly possible to write a holographic will at home, as long as certain formal rules are respected.

Here is the step-by-step procedure you need to follow:

1. Handwriting: 

The will must be entirely handwritten. Printouts, typed texts or computer modifications are not permitted. 

2. Date and sign : 

The will must be dated (day, month and year) and signed. These two elements are essential to determine the validity of the will.

3. Clearly express your wishes: 

To avoid any ambiguity or potential conflict, be as specific as possible in the designation of your assets and beneficiaries.

How to write a will without a notary?

🖋 Writing a holographic will without the help of a notary is completely legalThis requires great precision to avoid any ambiguity that could cause problems after your death.
The presence of a notary is not necessary to write your holographic will. However, it may be useful to consult a sample will drawn up by a notary to ensure that your will meets the appropriate legal standards.

While making a holographic will is a relatively simple process, it is important to note that registering your will with a notary is strongly recommended. Not only does this give added security to your last wishes, but it also allows your will to be easily found after your death.

If you decide to keep your holographic will at home, make sure it is stored securely and that someone you trust knows where to find it when the time comes.

⚠️ A lost or damaged will can make your last wishes null and void.

That's why we are currently working on a version of our service that could allow you to digitally store your most important documents, including your willYou can use your personal data in a secure and easily accessible way for your loved ones when you are no longer there.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on this subject. 👇

In any case, Legapass will be your ally in helping you to map your digital assets and all this for free!

Our service was designed to allow you to list all your digital accounts and fill in your passwords and access codes. We are not a password manager, Legapass is much more than that. We offer you maximum security ! Your confidential data is encrypted and stored offline in a safe. This process is the subject of a patent application. 

Model and example of a holographic will to download

1st model of holographic will

I, the undersigned, [Your name]currently residing in [Your address]I hereby declare that this is my will and it cancels all previous wills and codicils that I may have made.


I bequeath to [Name of first legatee].of [Address of first legatee].the property located at [Address of the property]..


I bequeath to [Name of the second legatee]of [Address of the second legatee], [Description of the object or sum of money to be bequeathed].


In the event that one of the above-mentioned beneficiaries predeceases me, I bequeath his or her share to [Name of substitute legatee].


Done at [Location]the [Date],



2ᵉ example of a holographic will

I, the undersigned, [Your full name]born on [Your date of birth]residing in [Your full address]I hereby declare that this is my last will and testament.


Being in full possession of my mental faculties and aware of the nature of this document, I bequeath the following property:


1. À [Name of primary beneficiary]I bequeath [Detailed description of the first property].

2. À [Name of the second beneficiary].I bequeath [Detailed description of the second property].


In the event that one of the beneficiaries predeceases me, I would like his or her share to go to [Name of Alternate Payee].


This will cancels and replaces all previous wills I may have made.


Done at [place of making the will].the [date of writing of the will].,



Registration and conservation of your will

Although a holographic will can be made at home, registering it is an essential step.

You can file your will with a notary who will be responsible for keeping it and registering it in the Fichier Central des Dispositions de Dernières Volontés (FCDDV).

This step ensures the traceability of your will and guarantees that it will be accessed after your death. ✅

➡️ In conclusion, writing a holographic will at home is quite possible if you pay attention to the details.

In any case, it is recommended to get informed and follow the legal advice.

And to ensure that your last wishes are respected as you intended, think of Legapass ! 👇

Free and secure!

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