Managing a Facebook account after death

The loss of a loved one is a very difficult and complicated ordeal to overcome, especially when you receive notifications related to the deceased's account.

Social networks are an important part of our lives, especially Facebook. For years, we have been adding our photos and videos of memorable moments. We don't necessarily want to delete them so that we can review the good times we had together. Moreover, abandoned accounts are easy prey for the identity theft and the fraud.

What can we do to preserve these memories ? How can I close account Facebook of a person who has passed away?

Call on Legapass!

Facebook digital transmission

If the deceased did not pass on his or her digital heritage to you, make sure you preserve your memories by create your account on Legapass !


Turn a deceased person's Facebook account into a memorial account

In this case, the posts, vacation photos and videos shared will remain available. Only the audience with whom the content was originally shared will be able to view it.

The request to transform a Facebook account into a memorial account can be made by clicking here. You must provide your loved one's death certificate and contact information. After verification, the account will be transformed into a memorial account, unless the deceased had indicated his or her wish to have the account deleted after his or her death.

For this type of account, the expression "in memory of" will be displayed next to the name of the deceased. Birthday reminders will no longer be sent. Depending on the privacy settings, the memorial account may be used by loved ones to share memories.

During our lifetime, it is possible to choose a designated person "legatee" who can manage the memorial account. This person will be able to edit the profile and cover photos and also pin a post in tribute to the deceased.

To do this you can go to the account settings:

  • Facebook.com site: Settings and Privacy -> Settings -> General -> Commemoration Settings
  • Facebook application: Settings and Privacy -> Settings -> Personal and Account Information -> Account Ownership and Control -> Memorialization Settings


The account of a deceased person can be deleted

➡ If you have the account access codes

This means that the account ID and password will have been sent to you by Legapass.

As heirs, you have a right of access, opposition and rectification according to the law No. 2016-1321 of October 7, 2016 for a Digital Republic (known as "Lemaire Law") which allows heirs to  "to access personal data processing"., "to obtain communication of information useful for the liquidation and division of the estate, "To proceed with the closure of the deceased's user accounts and "have them updated"..

The Facebook account can be deleted directly from the profile of the deceased :

  • Facebook.com site: Settings and Privacy -> Settings -> Your Facebook Information -> Deactivate and Delete
  • Facebook application: Settings and Privacy -> Settings -> Personal and Account Information -> Account Ownership and Control -> Deactivation and Removal


➡ If you do not have the access codes

Facebook has set up a form which allows you to report the death to delete the account. To do so, you must provide a document confirming that you are a close family member or an executor of the account holder's estate, as well as the death certificate of your loved one.


According to analysis by researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) in 2019, the dead could outnumber the living on Facebook within fifty years [1].

And According to the CNIL: "8,000 people registered on Facebook die every day worldwide."

[1] Digital graveyards: are the dead taking over Facebook? https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2019-04-29-digital-graveyards-are-dead-taking-over-facebook


If you do not have access to the deceased's account, you cannot transform it into a memorial account, even if this is what you would have liked. Therefore, allow your loved ones to keep yours by creating now your Legapass account !

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