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Manage a Google Photos account after death in 3 steps?

How to recover a Google Photos account?

Sometimes a loved one leaves us without any instructions about how to manage their online subscriptions and accounts.

Unfortunately, if you don't have the deceased's Google account credentials, it's impossible to retrieve login information for an online account.

Unless the necessary steps were taken by the deceased during his/her lifetime.

Therefore, it is necessary that it has communicated all its identifiers and passwords for each material support and account on the Internet to Legapassthe French company for securing the transmission of digital assets.

Only the legal heirs designated in the notarial deed have access to this data.


Also think of your loved ones, by opening your own Legapass account !



Download photos from a Google Photos account

➡ Access Google Photos

You must first log in to your Google Account using the login and password.

To do this, log in to the Google mail application, Gmail.

Then once connected to the messaging system, click on the square of small dots, to the left of the profile, top right, look for the application " Photos " and select it.

Once on Google photosThe download will depend on the ranking of the photos.

Logically, if you refer to the menu on the left of the screen, all the photos are visible from the menu " Photos "but you should find some albums.


➡ Download photos

You have the possibility to download each album, one by one by clicking on the name of the album, then on the 3 dots on the top right (more options) and to " Download all ".

The photo album will become a zipped file with the default album name, stored directly in the downloads folder of your computer.

In order to save time, you can upload all the photos simultaneously.

You must go to the settings, by clicking on the cogwheel, then click on the button located on the right of the insert "Export your data and click on the link "Save"..

You can see in the table that was displayed that all the photos are present, the mention : " All photo albums included " should then appear.

Then click on "Next step"and then check off "Export onceleave the default file type and size and click on "Create an export.


Google Photos


➡ The download file

Once the file is downloaded, a small table appears on the screen indicating the file's weight, its creation date and its availability deadline.

In the column "Details"click on "download"Then enter the password of the Google account. The file is compressed into a zipped file and downloaded to your computer. Its name starts with Takeoutas Google TakeoutGoogle's data export tool, allowing you to save your data at the same time.

This tool is capable of handling 51 types of data. So it's very interesting, because it can also be useful for backing up and exporting other Google account items that you want to keep such as Google Drive content, emails, calendars, bookmarks and even YouTube activity.



How to delete a Google Photos account?

To delete the account Google PhotosIf you want to close a Google Account, you have to close the Google Account itself. To do this, click on this link.

Make sure to retrieve all the account data by clicking on "Download your datathe link leads you to "Google Takeout so that you can save and export the data. The principle is the same as for exporting photos.

Once everything has been saved and exported, go back to the link and click on "Delete account at the bottom right.



How to delete a Google Photos account?

If you do not have the access codes for the Google account, please refer to the following procedure.

First, click on this link.

You have the possibility by this way to recover the data of the application. To do this, click on the first blue box "Send a request.

If you only want to delete the account without recovering the data, then you have to click on the second box below "Send a request and you will be redirected to a form that you will need to complete before sending.

Don't let your heirs be overwhelmed by the formalities of inheritance, but give them the possibility to access all your digital information by opening a Legapass account.


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Johan B.
Johan B.
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Finally a serious, competent and above all unrivalled company. The best solution to secure my data and transmit my digital heritage to my relatives when I die. Moreover the service is top and especially, it is made in France!
Rudy P.
Rudy P.
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I was looking for some time for a data backup service so that my children can recover them in case of unforeseen events and I knew you thanks to an advertisement on nice matin . I find the ease of use in addition. Congratulations to you and moreover it is nissart 😁.
Yannis D.
Yannis D.
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The platform is easy to use and offers a reliable service to protect your digital data. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to future-proof their digital assets.
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Anissa L.
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I don't comment much but I must admit that the service is indispensable. We think too little about digital security: social networks, sensitive files and others and yet it has value
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Theo D.
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Legapass is a good solution to protect your crypto but also your passwords. Secure and 100% French !