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💌 #2 Learn how to avoid phishing and discover your new "My Assets" feature.

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Your second cybersecurity newsletter is here! Do you want to protect your accounts from cyber-attacks? In this issue, learn how to detect phishing. 👨‍💻

As a reminder, in each issue, you'll find: informative articles, best practices for securing your data, as well as the latest news from Legapass with the latest features available. Our aim: to enable you to retain ownership of your data so that you can pass it on to others one day. 🛡️ 

🔐 Safety tip :

🎣 Learn how to detect phishing

Phishing is a attempted fraud which involves impersonating a legitimate source in order to persuade the victim to disclose sensitive information. To fool you, hackers generally use techniques such asidentity theft of a trusted company or contact, threats or urging to act with urgency. ⏰

🆕 New :

⚙️ New feature: "My Assets

You can now map your physical assets: real estate, life insurance, pets, vehicles, liabilities (debt, pension, credit, etc.).

🗞 Legapass news:

🎙 Interview BFM Business

Meet our Chairman and co-founder Jean-Charles Chemin during his media appearance, who had the opportunity to present in detail our innovative solution that meets the growing needs for securing, managing and passing on digital assets.

❓Did you know?

✅ What happens to your Legapass safe-deposit box after your death?

Our service is connected to the Insee databases, giving us access to the latest death notices as soon as they become available.

If you haven't already, we invite you to name at least one trusted contact directly since your address book who can help us find your beneficiary and speed up the restitution process.

Your opinion means a lot to us, so please let us know your thoughts and suggestions 👉 lina@legapass.com.

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