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AMA Legapass X The Cryptomasks : Legacy, crypto currency & NFT

We did our first AMA 🔥
AMA is the acronym for Ask me AnythingThis format is very popular in Web 3. Very popular in the web 3, this format aims to allow projects to present the concept and answer questions from listeners. For this first AMA, we had the privilege to go to The Cryptomasks, one of the most active French communities in the Web3 domain.
Jean-Charles, our CEO, lent himself enthusiastically to the game despite a bout with the flu. This time, we compiled 2 hours of exchanges into 6 minutes of reading 🚀
You can also listen to the podcast. 👇

Adam : Hello Jean-Charles, can you briefly introduce yourself?

Jean-Charles, CEO : I have spent more than 15 years in business, including a lot of time in start-ups with a strong penchant for data protection and cybersecurity.

I've always been motivated by the creation of web-related projects. It's been about 10 years near that I bought my first cryptos. At the time, I was at Qwant, the French search engine, since then I left the company with a lot of experience in the field. Today, I am CTO at Livmeds and co-founder of Legapass. 

Adam : Coraline, product manager at Legapass is also with us tonight, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Coraline, Product Manager: I worked for 6 years with the startup Wizishop as a Product Manager. It's a SAS that allows you to create e-commerce sites without any knowledge of computer languages.

Today, it's been 6 months since I joined the Legapass team as Product Manager. I am delighted to have the chance to participate in this adventure which is simply amazing. 

Adam : What is Legapass?

Jean-Charles, CEO To explain Legapass, I will go back to the genesis of the project. At the beginning of the year 2022, my companion loses her father and the time he was in the hospital, he passes on passwords, memories so that she can get everything back. At that moment, I become aware of theimportance of digital heritage. Access to your phone, computer, photos, neo-banks, PayPal accounts, Steam account, ....

We started to think about a solution with Eric and Adelina to inventory its digital heritagebut there was nothing about the transmission secure access codes. Research was then conducted to see how to solve the problem.

As time went on, a system was designed to meet all the requirements that we had set for ourselves. At the time, I was finishing my mission at Qwant and we decided to launch Legapass with my partners. The specifications is "simple". : to have a tamper-proof system that allows for secure transmission of access.

In a few months, we built a prototype. By discussing around us, we quickly realized the general interest. Then everything went very fast, we even managed a 1M euros in fundraising end of 2022 and today, we want to reinforce our credibility and meet our market.

Our ambition: to make Legapass a sanctuary that allows all the world of secure and transmit access in the event of a disaster

Adam : Who are the Legapass users today?

Jean-Charles, CEO : We have several types of users, there are today the investors in cryptocurrencies and other digital assetsbut also the forward-thinking people who will have life insurance contracts for example.

We are also considering an offer for professionals which should be available very soon.  

Adam: What makes you different from the Ternoa project today?

Jean-Charles, CEO : Ternoa is a blockchainthey do a lot of things, including the Time Capsule which is an interesting project. However, there is a totally different prism. In our specifications, there are a lot of elements that we couldn't check off if we were on a totally decentralized blockchain.

I am not at the heart of their technology, but the problem with blockchain in general is that the information is public and we can't guarantee that in 1, 10, 20 years the data will not be readable in public. In the same way, we did not want the data we were entrusted with to remain on a cloud.

We have therefore developed a infrastructure that enables end-to-end data security without access by anyone except the recipient at the time of return. Our storage is offline and we have filed a patent for this.

We also wanted to add fluidity to our users' experience. On the blockchain, the beneficiary of the data is a wallet address, but if in several years the person loses their wallet, that's it. And we didn't want that to happen.  

Adam: What makes you confident that in a number of years you will be able to safely return the data to the recipient?

Jean-Charles, CEO : We work with bailiffs in France who hold the key to decrypting the data. Neither I nor a malicious employee will be able to access the data in our storage vaults. 

The data we receive is exposed for a few seconds on a very secure network and then ends up offline after passing a ten or so security steps.

With our infrastructure, if our algorithms are no longer valid, we can re-encapsulate them to take 5, 10 years ahead of the current security levels. Our safes are also encrypted with government standards and an arsenal of stacked security measures.  

hard disk istorage

Hard drives with military-grade security!

We have chosen encrypted disks from the company iStorage to store your information because they offer the highest level of security and certification available on the market today.

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FIPS 140-3

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Crush resistance with a pressure of 2.7 tons.

IP68 certified

IP68 certified

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Adam: How do you make sure you stay on top of security?

Jean-Charles, CEO : We work with experts: CNR researchersS and we have a Bug Bounty program at the European leader Yes We Hack in order to identify potential risks and to know how to avoid them.

To date, no critical flaws have been identified. 

Adam: Can you look ahead 30 years and say you'll still be secure?

Jean-Charles, CEO We have to be able to guarantee that, our project is based on security so everything must be perfectly functional.

Military-grade encryption, knowledge separation and offline storage are integrated.

We do our best to keep everything up to date with the latest safety standards. 

Adam: Is it possible to record anything other than digital assets today?

Jean-Charles, CEO : It's going to happen. We started securing passwords, cryptos. Then we started to think about the idea of gather all its heritage in one place.

Finally, we will soon be able to record this type of information in a declarative way to allow facilitate the work of the notary at the time of the succession

Adam : Why would anyone use a service like Legapass instead of a notary today?

Jean-Charles, CEO : Today, the notary is not too well equipped to manage digital assets.

The only solution is the mystical willA will in a sealed envelope in a notary's office with a moderate level of security.

It's expensive, it's complicated to update and it's not ideal. We are looking to work with them to facilitate their mission. 

Adam : Can I access my data outside of the estate?

Jean-Charles, CEO : Yes, absolutely, it is possible, but for single use.

To better understand, you need to know that each new Legapass user is assigned an encryption key which allows us to encrypt the data it entrusts to us. Associated with this, there is a decryption key generated under bailiff's control which allows to decrypt the user's data.

In this sense, if a user wishes to access his data, he will now automatically go through our restitution process which includes the intervention of the bailiff to obtain the decryption key.ement data. Think of it as breaking your piggy bank to get your money back. This process guarantees the reliability of our solution and especially its security against hacks of all types. 

Adam : How much does it cost to use the Legapass service?

Jean-Charles, CEO The basic idea is to be able to offer the service to everyone. This is the goal of our first free offerwhich allows users to secure their digital assets. With this offer, it is the beneficiary who would like to recover the data of a Legapass user who pays the return costs with a basic fee of 460 euros (bailiff's fees, identity verification, management of data unlocking by Legapass).

If you go directly to the Premiumwe are at 49.99 euros per year (promotion deducted). We have additional options, online account closures, express return and, above all, we will not ask anything to the beneficiary at the return. 

Adam : Can I put in as many secrets as I want as a Freemium user?

Jean-Charles, CEO You can put in as many secrets as you like. However, you won't be given priority over data return if you need to.

Also, on a Freemium account, your beneficiary will by default be your spouse, then your children, then your parents... In other words, you can't choose, contrary to the Freemium model. Premium where you can designate the person of your choice.

Adam : What happens if a data storage site is breached? 

Jean-Charles, CEO : Already data is duplicated in vaults located in different geographical areas. Then the supports are themselves encrypted.

If you leave with a hard drive, you will never be able to turn it back on and even if you did manage to get the information, you could not break the encryption on it. 

Adam: If we take a simpler case, I get hacked into my email, what happens?

Jean-Charles, CEO : Online, it do remains only metadata. This means that the hacker will only be able to see the type of secrets you have without being able to delete or read them.  

Adam : What if I die and my loved ones don't know that I have an account with Legapass?

Jean-Charles, CEO : In France, the data are published by Insee, which publishes the deaths every month. So we can detect them.

Then there are other platforms that have the data, there is also the family. At Legapass, we invite you to fill your address book to add all the contacts you trust who can be contacted if necessary. There are also other levers that we are working on that will come soon.

All these levers will allow us to be informed of the death as soon as possible

Adam : Do you own the sites and infrastructures you use?

Jean-Charles, CEO : On the web part, no, it's a French server.

On all the offline part on the other hand (safes, hard drives, computer equipment in general) yes, we are owners.  

Adam: How many backups are there of the data entrusted by users

Jean-Charles, CEO : Today there are 4 of them knowing that the goal is to have more over time. 

Adam : What is the encryption algorithm you use?

Jean-Charles, CEO : We use Open PGP, it is the encryption used on emails by Edward Snowden. To go into more detail, we use the elliptic curve cryptography with 521-bit keys which corresponds to RSA 16384 bitsis designed to withstand the quantum computer.

To start attacking our system, we would need 2.6 to 3 million qubits today. To give an example, according to our latest information, IBM's computer has a power of 433 qubits.

In order to anticipate a rise in power of the existing machines, we are already working on more robust protocols

Adam: Is there a regular data synchronization, e.g. if I update my Facebook password?

Jean-Charles, CEO When you use a password manageryou only need to put your master password in Legapass, otherwise you can come and update, your new password.

On our side, we will not overwrite the previous entry, but we will register the new version of the password that you will give us. This means that when the beneficiary returns, he will receive the different versions of his passwords. In particular, the integrity of the data will be verified via the blockchain.

Eventually, we will see to add an extension that will automatically retrieve the updates of your accesses. 

Adam: If I'm not comfortable leaving my seed sentence at your house, is there an alternative?

Jean-Charles, CEO : Yes, it's quite possible. If you are afraid to give the whole seed sentence, you can confide 6/12 words to Legapass and you keep the other set of words somewhere. 

Adam : What is the development plan for the next few months?

Jean-Charles, CEO There are several points, already the part of adding information, we try to make it much more fluid, much more precise, easier.

We are in the process of being audited by the notaries of France to obtain the Etik label. We are also going to obtain other security labels such as the Anssi visa.

Finally, the next major milestone is the mapping of its non-digital assets. 

Adam : Can we have 2 accounts on Legapass?

Jean-Charles, CEO : Yes, you can have 2 accounts with 2 distinct restitution processes. 

Adam : If I want to put 10 very important documents, for example photos, what is the constraint? Is that possible?

Jean-Charles, CEO The goal of Legapass is not to be a cloud. However, as the question often comes up, on is thinking of proposing it, do it for some very specific documents.

Adam : Thank you Jean-Charles for your presence today and you are welcome to give us the latest news on Legapass in a few months.

Jean-Charles, CEO : With pleasure to come back to your place😊 

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