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How to protect your Ternoa Wallet : Practical crypto guide

In the world of cryptocurrency, keep your digital assets safe is essential.

If you have tokens Ternoa ($CAPS), protect your wallet (French portfolio) Ternoa is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of yours investments.

In this article, we'll explore what is Ternoahow this blockchain works, and how to effectively protect yours tokens $CAPS by saving yourtre recovery phrase in Legapass. 

1 - What is Ternoa?

Ternoa is a decentralized blockchain project that allows users to transmit data securely and privately over the long term..

Using blockchain technology, Ternoa aims to provide a solution for the transmission of NFT (non-fungible token), ensuring their integrity and durability.

Thanks to its own $CAPS token, Ternoa offers an ecosystem of exchange and value that benefits all its users. 

2 - How does Ternoa work?

Ternoa uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized data transmission network. At the heart of this ecosystem are $CAPS tokens, which are used to carry out transactions on the Ternoa network. Users can store and send data using these tokens. They are recorded on the blockchain, guaranteeing traceability. 

Each Ternoa user has a wallet where $CAPS tokens are stored.. To protect their wallet, users have a unique recovery phrase, which acts like a key to unlock access to their tokens. 

Holding $CAPS tokens today offers several advantages: 

  • Governance You have the right to "vote", which allows you to influence the evolution of the project by voting for future developments,  
  • Blockchain security With a certain quantity of $CAPS (150,000 tokens to be precise) and the right equipment (specifications) you can be rewarded by securing transactions on the blockchain. 
  • Stacking : you can lock your tokens on a decentralized platform to earn returns on deposited tokens. 

3 - Protect your Ternoa wallet with Legapass

One of the most important elements to secure is your recovery phrase. This phrase is the only way to recover the assets in your Ternoa wallet if you lose or forget your login details. This is where Legapass, a secure backup service for digital and cryptographic assets, comes in. With Legapass, you can safely store your Ternoa recovery phrase

The solution uses military-grade encryption to protect your data. Your recovery phrase is securely stored and the recovery process can be initiated at any time. And it doesn't stop there Legapass can also help you recover or transfer all your digital assets. you own: Photo cloud, social network access, trading platform, and much more. 

Find out how to protect your Ternoa wallet in just 2 minutes: 

  • Open your free Legapass account and follow the start-up steps, 
  • You arrive on the dashboard: Click on " Add a code ", 
  • Type the name "Ternoa"in the search bar, 
Protect Wallet Ternoa
  • Name your portfolio (with rigor) to quickly distinguish this one in your list of secrets, 
  • Add public address which identifies your wallet. To find it, click on the "Account" icon in the mobile application and copy the multicolored address.
  • Add the recovery phrase (seed phrase in English) composed of 12 words (this will always remain encrypted and inaccessible to Legapass, Find out more about how Legapass works
  • Press the + to add each new word, 
Protect Wallet Ternoa with Legapass

If you use an unlock code to access the Ternoa mobile application, we suggest you add a new secret and type Code pin in the search bar. You'll be able to name it Ternoa application code. If you have chosen our offer Premium, you can directly specify the access code and other useful information in the personalized instructions of your Ternoa wallet. 

  • Check one last time and validate the shipment to your offline safe. 

It's already over 😊 

✅ Your recovery phrase is safe in your safe and replicated in offline safes located in several geographical zones. 

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