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Avoid loss of investment
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Legapass is certified by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.

Are your investments safe?


It was the French who declared that they held cryptocurrencies in 2023, according to a study by ADAN and KPMG. 


This is on average the value of value given by Internet users and investors regarding their digital assets. *

2.070 bn

This is the value held by French households in equity capital products (shares, life insurance).

* According to a global survey by McAfee that reveals the true value of your digital assets.

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Whether in the field of cryptocurrencies or outside of it, this solution has a real use case.

It enables data to be securely transmittedand will always be cheaper than getting it stolen.

Our solution adapts to your investor's profilenot the other way around.

Make life easier for your loved ones

Make your life easier

Investing is complex, and we know it. List all your accounts and register your access in one place, so that a loved one can access it easily at the appropriate time

Be ready for the future of your investments.

It will have taken you a lifetime to build up a solid capital base. Make sure it's managed efficiently to increase your profits
Prepare the future of your investments
Save and protect your access codes

Keep your safety standards high.

Your capital is precious. It deserves the highest level of safety the market can offer. To achieve this, you can rely on unmatched state-of-the-art technology.

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An interface designed with you in mind to make your life and your loved ones' easier.
+ 600 suggestions to help you map your digital assets.
All our Premium offers guarantee zero additional costs for your beneficiary.
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Did you know ?

To make sure we provide you with the highest level of security
Legapass solution is proofed by YesWehack the leading Bug Bounty platform in Europe.

Find out why Legapass is a secure solution!

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I have been using Legapass for 1 year to protect my crypto. I have not found a comparable service to date 😁 Thank you.

Cathy C.

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As a cryptocurrency holder, I was looking for a way to pass on instructions regarding their management to my heirs.

Laurent S.

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Legapass is a good solution for protecting both your cryptos and your passwords.
Secure and 100% French!

Theo D.

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