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I can only advise you to open an accountI've been waiting a long time for a solution like this.

3 steps to a optimum protection of your assets

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1. Map your assets.

Add simply the essential accesses you need to protect with Legapass thanks to your ergonomic and intuitive space.

2. Designate the beneficiary of your safe deposit box.

In just a few clicks, choose the person who will have access to the contents of the safe deposit box in the event of death with the customizable beneficiary clause.
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3. Benefit from secure transmission.

Ask the data recovery or give your beneficiary access to it upon your death with our unique restitution process offline transfer technology

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At last, a serious, competent and, above all, unrivalled company.
The best solution to secure my data and transmit my digital heritage to my loved ones when I die. In addition, the service is top-notch and, above all, it's made in France!!

Johan B.

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As a planner, Legapass is a service that seems necessary to me today with all the digital access we have: social media accounts, password managers, cloud access... Looking forward to have them include the non-digital assets management as well.

Antony S.

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I've been looking for a data backup service for a while so that my children can recover them in case of an unforeseen event, and I found you thanks to an ad in Nice Matin. I also find the ease of use to be a plus. Congratulations to you, and it's nice that you're from Nice 😁

Rudy P.

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