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💌 #3 Leganews - Anti-Piracy Emergency & Password Manager Tips

In this newsletter, we invite you to discover :

  • what to do if your account is hacked 😱
  • your new Legapass functionality 🆕
  • our review of the Cas d'Or du digital ceremony 🏆
  • our tip for recovering your passwords from your manager 🙋‍♀️

🔐 Safety corner:

🏴‍☠️ What to do in the event of password hacking.

Just imagine yourself confronted with a malicious intrusion, compromising the confidentiality of your personal and financial data. In this month's Security Corner, we take a look at what to do in the event of account hacking.

🆕 New products :

🗑️ New feature: Delete your old access codes

Now you can delete information directly from your dashboard! Rest assured, they will be kept in your recycle garbage can for 30 days, as a security measure, and will only be permanently deleted after this period.

🗞 Legapass news:

🎖️ Legapass wins the Cas d'Or digital award

We close out 2023 on a high note, winning the prestigious Trophée Cas d'Or du Digital on Tuesday December 12 at a ceremony dedicated to innovation! This recognition once again underlines the commitment and effort of our team, dedicated to providing our customers with a solution that is both practical and secure.

❓Did you know?

✅ You can retrieve your passwords from your manager!

If you don't know how to recover your passwords to add your digital accounts on Legapass this article should interest you.
Finally, here's a short video explaining the platform's latest features:

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