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🏆 Legapass wins the Trophée Cas d'Or 2023 in the "Innovative new services" category in the banking-insurance sector

On the occasion of the 8ᵉ edition of the Cas d'Or 2023, Legapass distinguished itself by winning the GOLD trophy in the "New innovative services" category in the banking-insurance sector..

Winning this coveted prize underscores Legapass' exceptional commitment to innovation and digital transformation in the field of wealth transfer.

The Jury that honored Legapass at the annual Grand Dîner was chaired by such big names as Fanny Chatelet, Marketing Transformation & E-Business Director, AXA France, and Thomas Salviejo, Brand and Media Director, La Banque Postale.

Legapass Trophée Cas d'Or 2023

Anticipating our customers' transmission needs at the heart of innovation

The Trophée Cas d'Or is a symbol of distinction and recognition for companies that stand out for their excellence in different sectors. In the "Innovative New Services" category, Legapass has set itself apart by offering revolutionary solutions for passing on your assets in the digital age..

Legapass has anticipated the emerging needs of its customers in an ever-changing environment. We have designed innovative services to simplify wealth transfer in the digital age, integrating cutting-edge technologies to deliver an unrivalled user experience.

The importance of digital transformation in the banking and insurance sector

The Legapass victory also underlines thethe growing importance of digital transformation in the banking and insurance sector. Today's consumers are looking for innovative solutions that simplify and optimize their financial processes, and companies that meet these expectations are rewarded.

Legapass has understood the current challenges facing the sector by offering services focused on the transmission of digital assets.. The platform has helped redefine industry standards by offering solutions tailored to the changing needs of its customers.

How does Legapass stand out from other wealth transfer solutions?

Legapass stands out for its ability to integrate the latest technological advances into its service offerings. The platform focuses on security, ease of use and personalization to guarantee an exceptional customer experience..

Military-grade security

Legapass gives top priority to data security and the protection of its users' assets. Advanced encryption protocols and robust security measures are in place to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Ease of use

Legapass' user-friendly interface allows users to navigate easily through the various stages of wealth transfer. Intuitive functionalities ensure a smooth user experience, even for novice users.

Personalized services

Legapass recognizes that every situation is unique. The platform therefore offers customized solutions, taking into account the specific needs of each user. This individualized approach strengthens customer confidence in Legapass.

Passing on a legacy in the digital age

Wealth transfer is changing, and Legapass is positioning itself as an innovative leader in this field.. By facilitating the transition from traditional to digital heritage, the platform meets the expectations of a connected generation, while preserving the fundamental values of intergenerational transmission.

Legapass' victory at the Trophées Cas d'Or 2023 not only confirms its status as a major innovator, but also underlines the crucial importance of digital transformation in the banking-insurance sector. Legapass continues to redefine industry standards by offering solutions shaping the future of estate planning in the digital age

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