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New interface to leave your cryptos and passwords

Since our launch in April 2022, we have been constantly innovating to get closer to our users. We are proud to present our new interface for simply bequeath your cryptos and passwords.

Discover our latest version and start securing your digital legacy now. It is more intuitive and user-friendly for a better user experience.

Are you ready to prepare for the transmission of your digital heritage ?



What is the transmission of a digital heritage?

Digital wealth transfer refers to how a person can transfer digital assets they own (such as online accounts, cryptocurrency accounts, documents stored on hard drives or clouds, etc.) to their heirs or others of their choosing.

This can be a complex process, as it can be difficult to retrieve login information for all the accounts and digital assets a person owns. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead and clearly document the information needed to access these assets. It's also a good idea to discuss your digital asset transfer wishes with your loved ones so that they are aware of your intentions.


Why and how to bequeath your crypto-currencies?

If you want your heirs to be able to retrieve your crypto-currencies you will need to prepare your estate. This can be done in different ways, depending on the platform you use to store your assets.

For example, if you use a software wallet on your computer or phone, you may need to export your wallet's private keys and pass them on to the person you want to bequeath your crypto-currencies to.

If you are using a physical wallet (such as a flash drive), you will need to pass the physical key on to the individual. In either case, it is important to plan ahead and discuss your wishes for the handover with your loved ones so that they are aware of your intentions.


Passing on your inheritance in complete security is possible thanks to Legapass!

With digital dependency having only increased since the health crisis, it is now difficult for everyone to establish an accurate count of the number of subscriptions and registrations to websites, as they have multiplied in recent years in the households.

It is therefore obvious that a person wishing to passing on his legacyIn this version, the user must be guided if he does not want to miss the existence of a social network, an email address or any other digital account, whether it is to be transmitted or even to be closed. That's why in this new version we have prepared a list (not exhaustive) to help you.

As a reminder, LEGAPASS allows you to secure all of your private digital and physical access in a offline saferendered inviolable by a cryptography identical to that of the army. Moreover, the retransmission takes place under the control of a bailiff.

Note that in the event of a disaster, it is possible to request access to the stored information.



A new interface for Leave your cryptos and passwords simply!

New registrants are skillfully led through a tutorial, recommendations and suggestions as they progress through the interface.

And because "a picture is worth a thousand words", and we didn't want to drown you in a lot of explanations, you will find on your new interface the digital account logos the most used.

This new environment is intended to intuitive.


Read our press release on the subject: "Legapass unveils its new interface“.


A test campaign currently underway has already received positive feedback from users.

According to the first positive testimonies, theexperience is enjoyablethe perceived safety and the connection to the interface is easy.

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The value of your digital assets is inestimable. 💎
The value of your digital assets is inestimable. 💎