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Legapass is certified by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat.

Legapass unveils its new interface

Legapass, offers its customers a offline safe, allowing to secure all their confidential codes (giving access to: storage spaces, photos, social networks, mailboxes, online services, smartphones and computers or even cryptocurrencies, etc.).  
Since its launch last April, Legapass has recruited new talent and completely redesigned its user experience to win over the general public.
  Protected by military-grade encryption and stored in France on a disconnected storage space they will be out of reach of hackers and other computer pirates. All these data thus secured, will be able to be recovered at any time by the owner, in the event of a claim, or by his heirsThis is made possible by a reliable retransmission process carried out under the supervision of a bailiff. Its new interface offers a whole new experience where users are taken care of from the moment they register right through to the return process. A tutorial has even been set up to help new users get started more easily. What's more, numerous suggestions and recommendations based on the most popular ones appear as the user progresses, to guide him/her along the way. A public test campaign will be launched in the next few daysThis allows the company to collect feedback, thus placing itself in a process of continuous improvement, in accordance with the expectations of its users. Press release - Legapass - New interface

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