How do you manage an Instagram account after death?

During the loss of a loved oneWe put all our heart to make a beautiful ceremony in his memory, as well as all our energy to manage the physical funeral, but we do not always think of his "digital death". What about an account like Instagram?

Nowadays, for most people, social networks are part of their daily life. Each person even has at least two different ones. Almost everyone is active in one way or another; whether it is by posting good momentsThey do this by commenting on the publications of their friends and family, or by surfing and liking publications for entertainment.

Whatever our presence on these networks, it is important not to leave it unattended when we or a loved one dies.

In a legal framework, the 2016 Law for a Digital Republic, recognized and clarified the right for individuals, or failing that, their heirs, to organize the fate of personal data post mortem.

How can we manage the Instagram account of a recently deceased loved one? Should we instead keep your account and therefore its memories or should we delete the account for a more personal mourning?



Turn the deceased's account into a memorial account

At Instagram, turning an account into a memorial account is called the "Memorialization.

Indeed, you can make a request to Instagram to have the deceased's account turned into a memorial account. For its part, Instagram makes sure that the account no longer appears in suggestions, for example, or in any other place, this in order not to disturb the family and friends of the deceased. All his photos and videos will remain visible as well as his comments. It is worth noting that from this moment on, the account will no longer be modifiable.

Once the account has been turned into a memorial account, it will no longer be possible to log into it and it will say "Remembering" right next to the name of the deceased.

To do this, you must contact Instagram and send them proof of death. Your loved one may have indicated that they would like their account deleted upon their death, in which case the request will be denied.

On the other hand, Instagram still does not give any access to a third party's account, even if they are family and deceased, according to its rules.



Delete the deceased's account


➡ If you have the deceased's access codes

If you have the codes of the deceased, you can directly delete his account in the following way:

  • On computer, you can click here .
  • On phone you can only deactivate the account but not delete it.


➡ If you do not have the deceased's access codes

Family members of the deceased can ask Instagram to delete their account. The platform expects proof from you that you are indeed his family with official papers such as:

  • The birth certificate of the deceased
  • The death certificate of the deceased
  • A legal certificate proving that you are the legitimate representative of the deceased or his property


To request the deletion of the account, you can also fill out this form.


What about the business accounts of the deceased?

 If you want to keep the data of a relative with a business account, it is mandatory that he/she has given you his access codes beforehandOtherwise, it will be lost.

Otherwise, he must have taken the necessary steps during his lifetime by preparing his digital estate with Legapass.


Think about your loved ones, after your death, pass on to them the keys to your digital heritage by opening your account!

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