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Inheriting a digital heritage: a pain in the ass!

"Heritage 2.0: Inheriting a digital heritage : the galley ! " Does this title speak to you? It was the title of the Sunday file of the Nice-Matinpublished on October 30, 2022.


We take the opportunity of this article to renew our thanks to Régine Meunier, Grand Reporter at Nice-Matin for the quality of its work.


From the desire to leave memories to their descendants, to the preparation of the transmission of their digital heritage, our users tell their experience and what led them to trust Legapass.


Discover the testimonies of our users!

In this edition of the famous Nice-Matin newspaper, two of our users give you their testimony.

Legacy 2.0 : The Sunday file of the Nice Matin newspaper on Legapass


"I entrusted my personal life to Legapass" - Michèle A.
This mother created for each of her children a booklet with photos, anecdotesetc. As she did not want them to be discovered during her lifetime, it has decided to entrust its accesses to Legapass.

Michèle A., administrative assistant and mother of 4 children, explains that she has created a file for each of them, tracing their lives through anecdotal facts and photos.

Entrusting her elements to Legapass was therefore an obvious choice, especially since Michèle has been making a family tree for about thirty years. This solution for the transmission of assets thus perfectly meets his expectations.

She quickly realized that storing on external media was not a sustainable solution, as a hard drive malfunction presented her with the fait accompli of having to start over.


"A good combination with a notary" - Laurent S.
The web entrepreneur from Nice cryptocurrency owner wished to be able to leave to his heirs a explanatory note. That's why he decided to entrust his instructions concerning their management to Legapass.

In addition to leaving access to his crypto-currencies to his heirs, he has also attached on Legapass, advice on how he would like them to be managed when he is gone. This way, his loved ones will be able to take over from him in order to make his digital heritage and more particularly its digital currency.


Legapass provides an unparalleled level of security for all confidential codes stored offline in safes in France.

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The value of your digital assets is inestimable. 💎
The value of your digital assets is inestimable. 💎