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How to restore your Ledger hardware wallet in 3 steps?

Discover how to restore your Ledger Hardware Wallet with your PIN code, your recovery phrase and the Ledger Live application.

To do this, you will need :

  • a PC with theLedger Live application,
  • a Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano X or Nano S+ or another BIP39 and BIP44-compatible device (as a last resort).

Restore a Ledger hardware wallet using a recovery phrase

First of all, you need to download and install the Ledger Live application. Once you have your wallet, you can proceed to the 1ʳᵉ step.

1. Restore your wallet from your recovery phrase

⚠️ This procedure only works with Ledger keys type BIP39 and BIP44.

➡️ Switch on your hardware wallet by pressing the button next to the USB port (the Nano S+ requires usb power) until the Ledger logo appears.

Note: if you hold down this button, the bootloader menu will open. At this point, you need to stop and restart the device.

➡️ Follow the prompts: press the right button to go to the next step, or the left button to return to the previous one. When the message "Restore from recovery phraseWhen the display shows the "C" button, press the 2 buttons simultaneously.

2. Choose your Ledger hardware wallet PIN code

➡️ When "Choose PIN with 4 to 8 digitsWhen the "hardware wallet" appears on your hardware wallet, press both keys.

➡️ Press the right or left button on the display to select the first digit of the PIN code.

➡️ Press both buttons simultaneously to confirm.

➡️ Do this until the digits are entered (4 to 8).

➡️ Click on the "Validate" button to confirm your PIN code, or backspace to delete it in case of error.

➡️ Re-enter the PIN code to confirm it by clicking on " ".Confirm PIN".

3. Enter your Ledger's recovery phrase

➡️ First define the length of your recovery phrase between 12, 18 or 24 words, then click both buttons simultaneously to confirm.

➡️ Start typing the first letters of the 1st word, "Word#1", selecting them with the left and right buttons. Click on both buttons to validate each letter.

➡️ Select "Word#1" from the suggestions and validate it by clicking on the 2 buttons. Continue in the same way for all the other words in the sentence, right up to the last one. You'll then see the message "your device is ready" when the configuration is complete.

➡️ Your device is ready to use 🙂

Restore your Ledger hardware wallet with Legapass

To do this, you must first open an account on Legapass and saved your access codes (PIN, seed phrase).

1. Retrieve secure access codes from your Legapass safe

➡️ Contact Legapass to retrieve the contents of your safe.

2. Repeat the 3 steps above

➡️ Now simply repeat the 3 steps above: Restore a Ledger hardware wallet using a recovery phrase

For even greater safety...

It's important to take care when updating your hardware wallet software, as this may require a device recovery. However, updating applications generally poses no problem, with the exception of resetting the application configuration on the hardware wallet. It is therefore strongly recommended to update applications when offered by Ledger Live. Finally, please note that the security of your Ledger wallet depends on your ability to protect this sensitive information. At Legapass, security is our business. Our military-grade encryption system makes it possible to protect access to your Ledger (or other crypto wallet) and therefore your investments and pass them on to the beneficiary of your choice in the event of a problem.

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