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Manage a Google Drive account after death in 3 steps.

How to recover online storage space Google Drive ?

Google Drive, like any Google product, is linked to the Google Account.

So, to find out if your deceased loved one was using Google Drive, you should instead ask if he or she had a Google account and obtain the account's login and password.

How do you do it? By contacting Legapass. As a pioneer in the field of digital heritage inheritance, it is in complete security that you will recover from the Nice-based company the information necessary to manage the deceased's online accounts.

Indeed, no one, not even within Legapass, can access the data which is encrypted and highly secure.

Only a rightful claimant on the deed of notoriety can obtain digital access to a deceased person.



How to download data from Google Drive ?

First, you need to access Google Drive.

The easiest way to connect to this cloud version external hard drive is to access the Gmail mailbox of the Google account.

Then you click on the 9 dots on the top right, but to the left of the account profile letter and then on "Drive" from the list of applications you see.

Once in the Drive, click on "My Drive in the left menu.

You should see a list of all the files on the storage space.

In order to download all the files, you must press and hold the Ctrl key on the bottom left of your keyboard while left-clicking on each file until the last one.

If you don't want to download everything, then release the Ctrl key, your selection remains in memory. You can then click on the 3 small vertical dots at the top right of the page and click on " Download ".

The compressed file in zip format will be placed directly on your computer, in your download folder.


Google Drive


How to remove a Google Drive ?

➡ You have the account access codes

To delete a Google account, simply click on the 9 dots in the upper right corner, then in the list of applications that opens, select "Account" with the first initial of the person's account on the left and in the vertical menu on the left,  "Data and Privacy.

Then scroll down the page to : "Data from the apps and services you use" then click on "Download your data on the right (just below "Download or delete your data) in order to recover the data of the whole Google account. Of course, you are not obliged to follow this step to delete the account, we advise you to do so as a precautionary measure. Sometimes it is better to keep more information than less. Especially since you can always delete what you don't want later.

On the next page, you will notice that, by default, all the services offered by the Google Account are checked and their data ready to be exported. In order to exclude the services you are not interested in (and thus not to make the export file heavier at the same time), you just have to uncheck the box(es) on the right before clicking on "Next step" at the bottom.

You will then benefit from an export of all the data that will be downloaded to your computer as a compressed file.

Then return to the previous page at the end of the export (or click on this link), and in "More options"at the bottom of the page, select "Delete your Google Account. This will result in the deletion of the account and all its services including Google Drive of course.


➡ You do not have account access

However, if you do not have account access, the best solution is to contact Google and explain the situation.

Be sure to attach all legal documents in your possession proving your legal status as a beneficiary and your legitimacy to retrieve your loved one's data (if you wish) and to request the closure of the account.


However, the steps are complicated when you do not have access to the deceased's digital accounts. As you can see, the easiest way is to pass on the keys to your beneficiaries.

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Johan B.
Johan B.
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Finally a serious, competent and above all unrivalled company. The best solution to secure my data and transmit my digital heritage to my relatives when I die. Moreover the service is top and especially, it is made in France!
Rudy P.
Rudy P.
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I was looking for some time for a data backup service so that my children can recover them in case of unforeseen events and I knew you thanks to an advertisement on nice matin . I find the ease of use in addition. Congratulations to you and moreover it is nissart 😁.
Yannis D.
Yannis D.
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The platform is easy to use and offers a reliable service to protect your digital data. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to future-proof their digital assets.
Anissa L.
Anissa L.
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I don't comment much but I must admit that the service is indispensable. We think too little about digital security: social networks, sensitive files and others and yet it has value
Theo D.
Theo D.
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Legapass is a good solution to protect your crypto but also your passwords. Secure and 100% French !