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After death, how to manage a Vinted account?

A death has just taken place in your environment? In addition to the immense grief and emptiness that this person will leave behind, you will have to deal with a multitude of formalitiesYou are forced to struggle on both sides. Funeral management is a heavy and sad task, but unfortunately it is not the last one.

Thus, in addition to having to list the physical and banking possessions of your deceased loved one, you will have to manage his digital heritage. Yes! Just like you, your late husband had a life on the Internet via applications, websites (merchant sites or showcase sites), digital subscriptions, etc. Sans parler des digital data and archives stored on external media such as photos on USB keys or hard disks, for example.

In this article we will discuss in more detail the posthumous management of a commercial site buying and selling as Vinted.

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How to get your money back from Vinted?

Thanks to Legapassif you are the legitimate legatee and if the person deceased left you the access to your Vinted accountYou can recover money from the Vinted portfolio in the following ways:

Once a buyer has paid for an item on Vinted, the payment is visible as « montant en attente » dans le porte-monnaie.

Once the delivery has taken place, the buyer must confirm its receipt by clicking on « Tout est Ok ». 48 hours later, at the most, the payment will be in status "amount available". Only then is it possible to transfer the amount to a account banking. This is very important, because a « montant en attente » n’est pas transférable !

Of course, it is possible to use the recipes to make purchases on the Vinted platform directly.

To transfer your money, simply go to « porte-monnaie Vinted » and click on « Transférer vers un compte bancaire ».

Winnings will be available within 5 business days after the transfer.

However, the Vinted platform may ask you to verify your identity. In this case, you will need to provide a piece of identification as well as the death certificate to prove your legitimacy to transfer the funds.




How do I delete a Vinted account?

➡ Do you know the deceased's login credentials?

Si le détenteur du account Vinted had previously informed its login credentials Vinted, on the secure platform of Legapass, it will be easy for you to manage your account.

Thanks to the login informationyou will be able to deactivate the account directly on the platform.

Voici comment procéder :

  • Verify that no transactions are in progress, in which case the deletion will not be possible by this means and you will have to contact the site and join a death certificate.
  • Click on the profile picture in the upper right corner.
  • Go to « Mes paramètres ».
  • Click on « Paramètres du compte ».
  • At the bottom of the page, click on « Supprimer mon compte » then « confirmer la désactivation ».

The deletion of the data will be truly final after a period of three months.


➡ Don't know the deceased's login information?

If the person deceased did not leave you his access Vintedyou can still request the removal of the account.

To do this, simply write to the e-mail address : vinted@vinted.fr and explain the situation by stating:

  • the e-mail address associated with the account
  • and the death certificate of the deceased

If you have any questions, you can always contact Vinted's Data Protection Officer.


Voici ses coordonnées :


Vinted, UAB

Svitrigailos st. 13

LT-03228 Vilnius

Republic of Lithuania

You can also request the closure of his account on the Last Connection website!

If you do not know the login credentials of the deceased, you can fill out a form in click on this linkSelect the account(s) you wish to request and send the request by clicking on the button at the bottom of the form: "Send request.



How do I cancel a sale that I can't honor on Vinted?

If the item has not yet been sent (seller's role) or received (buyer's case), it is indeed possible to cancel the transaction, but not otherwise.

To do so, simply go to the link to the conversation avec l’acheteur ou le vendeur, cliquer sur le  ⓘ en haut à droite puis sélectionner « Annuler la transaction »Then click on the list that appears in order to fill in the object of the cancellation. If it does not appear in the list, select « Autre » and thus explain the context.

De cette façon, le vendeur aura la possibilité de remettre l’article en vente dès l’annulation de la commande en cliquant directement sur « Republier » via le fil de discussion, en lui-même.

The Vinted team can also cancel certain transactions upon request.



How to switch to "Holiday" mode on Vinted?

You can switch to "Vacation" mode on Vinted while waiting for the deletion of the account or the time to recover the deceased's belongings.

What is the "Vacation" mode on Vinted? You have the possibility to hide for a period of 90 daysThe articles for sale on Vinted.

To do this, go to "My Settingsclick on the button « Mode Vacances » and don't forget to select « sauvegarder » at the bottom of the page.


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Manage digital accounts of your loved ones after their death!

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No need to contact platforms.
No need for waste your time.

We'll take all the hassle out of it!


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