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Passing on memories posthumously: our tips for successful transmission

Nowadays, it is more and more common to want to pass on our memories and emotional heritage to our descendants. Thanks to technology and digital tools, the dematerialization of these memories is becoming a real challenge in the preservation and transmission of our family heritage. In this article, we offer you some tips for successfully preserving and sharing your precious memories with your descendants.

Use digital tools to turn your memories into data

The age of the smartphone and computer has made it possible to digitization of a large part of our memories. Photos, videos, messages and other documents can be converted into information that can be stored on a hard disk, computer or in the cloud.

Web giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple each offer their own storage and file-sharing solutions, often free of charge up to a certain volume. So you can choose the one that best suits your needs in terms of capacity, functionality and security.

⚠️ To preserve your memories for the long term, it's crucial to make regular back-ups and use encryption tools to protect your data..

Warnings against free online services

It is necessary to remain vigilant to the risks of free online services. It's best to choose a service that doesn't use your personal information for advertising or other purposes. What's more, it's important to know how long the service is committed to storing your data, as well as the security guarantees it offers.

Use specialized secure storage services

To alleviate these problems, there are also specialized digital safes to store and protect your memories over the long term. These solutions are often not free, but have the advantage of being specially designed to respect your privacy and guarantee optimum preservation of your precious memories. 

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Carefully select the memories you want to pass on

Another essential aspect of passing on your emotional heritage is to carefully select the memories you feel are really important to share with your loved ones. This can include:

  • Photos and videos important moments such as births, weddings, trips, etc.
  • Personalized messages of congratulations, love or friendship;
  • Audio or video files where you share your thoughts and reflections on certain situations or periods of your life;
  • Books or other documents linked to family history or particular events.


The choice of mementos should be both personal and meaningful to you, but also easily understood by future generations. This means providing the right context, and captioning your documents so that their value is clearly perceived by those who will receive them.

Informing your heirs about the transfer process

Once your memories are saved and ready to be transmitted, all that's left to do is inform your loved ones of the existence of this emotional heritage. Several options are available to you:

  • Include this inheritance in your will This will formalize your wishes and give your heirs clear instructions on how to access the content.
  • Communicate directly with your loved ones by giving them access to digital files and explaining the intentions behind this approach.
  • Open your Legapass account to secure your various login details for access to your online accounts (cloud, social networks, etc.) only when you're no longer there. 

Leaving a tangible trace to make those memories more personal

Although digital tools make it possible to access and preserve memories efficiently, it is important to bear in mind that human contact can sometimes remain essential to ensure that a family's rich heritage continues to live on through the generations. Several avenues can be explored:

  • Compiling a physical photo album Whether it's a traditional album or a photo book printed via an online service, materialized photos have the power to evoke memories even more powerfully. You can, of course, hide it from view until after you're gone, and add instructions on how to find it in your will or Legapass account.
  • Create an interactive family tree Our aim is to match each individual with anecdotes, photos and other highlights from their lives. Discover how to preserve a family tree of over 13,000 people for future generations through the testimony of our customer.
  • A book of words and photos created by several people Halfway between a guest book and a photo album, Connect allows several people to create a guest book online, resulting in a beautiful book. You can keep the paper book and keep the digital version on Legapass. The idea is to get several people to write about shared memories. Link up in this shared writing project.
  • Writing your biography or your autobiography: it's a great way to share your life story, your motivations and the lessons you've learned with your descendants. A legacy book, a mother's incredible proof of love for her children.

By following these tips, you'll be able to preserve your emotional heritage as effectively as possible, and pass it on to your loved ones so that they too can create their own first steps and perpetuate the family wealth.

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