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Patrimonia 2022 X Legapass: an extraordinary participation!

How did Legapass and Ledgity, two startups from Nice, end up participating in the key event for wealth management professionals?

This year, the theme of the Patrimonia convention is : to advise, protect and enhance the assets of the French. That was all it took to convince Legapass and Ledgity to participate in the 29th edition which will take place from September 29 to 30, 2022 at the Lyon Convention Center.

Indeed, both Nice startups are positioning themselves as avant-garde players on the subjects of tomorrow:

  • the investments in cryptocurrency for one
  • and the transmission of digital heritage for the other

A fast-growing sector, crypto assets have emerged in recent years as a fully-fledged investment asset class in the French savings landscape. 8 % of French people hold crypto-currencies, with an additional 30 % of French people considering taking the plunge (source: KPMG 2022 study).

➡ About Ledgity

Ledgity is the first crypto asset platform which meets the needs of both investors and financial advisors. Its solution allows its clients to diversify and boost their savings thanks to digital assets while visualizing, piloting and managing their assets in an optimal way, alone or with an expert. Ledgity Pro provides financial advisors with the means to easily support their clients with digital assets. Thanks to its comprehensive and intuitive tool, their financial partners bring added value to their clients and simplify their work.

Press contact: Pierre-Yves Dittlot - President - py@ledgity.com -

Website : https://ledgity.com

➡About Legapass

What's the point of investing in dematerialized assets if you can't ensure their transmission to your heirs? This is the problem that the company Legapass founded in Nice in 2021, thanks to a simple solution to store your passwords and other crypto wallets at the highest security level, safe from hackers. These data can be returned to the owner in case of disaster (fire, theft, flood) or transmitted to his heirs under bailiff's control in case of death.

Press contact: Jean-Charles Chemin - President - jc@legapass.com -

Website : https://legapass.com

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