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Managing a Paypal account after death in 3 steps ?

Paypal, what is it exactly?

 Paypal is a platform that allows you to pay, buy, sellIt is a virtual money deposit site. The site serves as a sort of intermediary between the parties when there is to be a money transfer. This way, everyone is reassured!

The site allows both the transfers between individualsthatbetween professionals.

This American company gives its users the opportunity to have a real payment service, secure, the alternative to the check or credit card and a real guarantee of confidence.

Manage digital accounts of your loved ones after their death!

No need to look for your passwords.
No need to contact platforms.
No need for waste your time.

We'll take all the hassle out of it!

No account limits!
* Platform permitting.

How do I get my money back from Paypal?

In other words, how do you transfer money from your Paypal account to your bank account?

You must have access to the Paypal account of the deceased.

For this, if you are a legitimate legatee, contact Legapass and its transmission service will leave you with thedigital legacy of your loved one.

How to close a deceased person's Paypal account?

First of all, we advise you to log in to your Paypal account of the deceased to ensure that there are no pending transactions. If this is the case, it is best to notify the platform through the " Contact "You will find this link at the bottom of each page of the Paypal website.

You must send the following items to this address: europeanservices@paypal.com

  • Contact information for the executor of the will, explaining the situation.
  • A copy of the death certificate.
  • A certified copy of the will, if there is one, to verify the identity of the executor.
  • The executor's identification.
  • If there is no will: a statement indicating the relationship to the deceased and your rights in relation to the estate.
  • A note explaining what happens to the money in the account.




➡ Transfer money from your Paypal account to your bank account

It is unlikely that you will be able to transfer money from the deceased's Paypal account to yours through this method, however, here is the procedure.

Go to the Paypal website: https://www.paypal.com/

At the top right, click on the tab "My Account.

Log in using the Paypal access provided by Legapass.

At the top of the page, towards the middle, click on "Portfolio then on "Register a bank account. Select your bank from the list and let us guide you.

Once the manipulation is done, you can return to the "Portfolio and click on "Transfer the money".

Select "Transfer to your bank account.

An account verification procedure is performed, which is why it is likely that this method will fail. In any case, during the verification process, be sure to include a copy of the death certificate when your ID is required.

A quick tip: you can try linking the documents, your ID and the death certificate, into one document via applications like Adobe Reader. That way, when the ID is required, you don't have to worry about how to attach the death certificate since it will follow the ID.



How to delete a Paypal account?

It is true that even if this practice tends to be democratized, not everyone thinks to put in place provisions allowing to bequeath your digital heritageHe is more focused on material goods.

However, if more people imagined what awaits their heirs after their death in terms of the burden of formalities, it is without doubt that many would make sure to set up a digital transmission. And beyond that, don't get us wrong, this is not about selfishness. The older generations don't always realize how much value the digital world has, both sentimentally and financially, and how important it is for the generations that follow them, where for the older generations, material goods remain the reference refuge.


If you want to close one or more accounts, including the Paypal account, click on this link. The procedure is relatively easy.

First, you click on "Send a request at the bottom of the page (blue box), then complete the form before finally clicking on "Send request at the bottom of the page.


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Manage digital accounts of your loved ones after their death!

No need to look for your passwords.
No need to contact platforms.
No need for waste your time.

We'll take all the hassle out of it!

No account limits!
* Platform permitting.