Managing a TikTok account after death

The death of a loved one is always a very difficult time and sometimes it is good to keep in mind some good memories of him that he shared on social networks, especially on Tiktok, because they are above all videos, so a living memory of himwhich can make us more nostalgic, but also happier and calmer.

But what about the status of the account when its user dies?

Can it be turned into a memorial account? Can it be deleted?


There are several ways for Tiktok to deal with the death of a designer


➡ No memorialization, no request for account deletion

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Tiktok does not offer nor commemorative account, nor a request for deletion of the account by a close family member.

It is only the creator or a person with access codes who can request the deletion of the account.

Also, TikTok has not added a memorial or equivalent next to the name when the person dies, that's why it is not possible to turn the account into a memorial account.

On TikTok, the only way to inform the community that the creator of the account is dead, is to send a message on his account, or to update his bio.


➡ Automatically change the account username

Indeed, if we showinactivity on our Tiktok account for a long time, TikTok will take a look at it to make sure it's not dishonest. If you don't do not connect for more than 180 days on your account, TikTok will change your name into random numbers, your account will no longer belong to you.

However, even if you leave your account inactive, the content that you have published before, will continue to be visible on the social network.



Plan what will happen to your TikTok account when you die


If you use TikTok for fun, you can leave your account in the void of tiktok at your death, it will remain just a pity for your relatives.

However, if you use TikTok for business purposes, it may be unsafe to leave it that way.


Avoid having your identity stolen by hackers


L'inactivity of your account encourages hackers to usurp your identity and use your account at fraudulent purposesEspecially if you have a business account and your community does not know you personally and therefore may not know that you are dead.

Also, the time you spent working on your content and your brand image can be wasted by impersonators who come and mess up your work and your image by putting up content other than yours. To do this, they often use face swapping applications and voice modification software.

So one key word: security and foresight!

In order not to leave your account in the hands of hackers rather than your family after your death, take the necessary steps and open your Legapass account !

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