Managing a Linkedin account after death

It can happen that while surfing on Linkedin we come across the profile of a relative, a friend or a former colleague who has passed away, which can be quite confusing from a point of view emotionalbut also for a person who would like to create a relationship with this deceased without knowing that he is dead because his profile is perhaps not up to date, but nothing is notified on it as this one will be able in return never to create a relationship with you...

So what do we do when we come across a deceased person's profile on Linkedin? Can we ask to have it turned into a memorial account? Or if we want to move on, can we ask for it to be deleted?


Turn a deceased member's profile into a memorial account

The memorial accounts allow for keep on Linkedin the profile of a person after their death.

To do this you have 2 possibilities:

  • If you are a close family member and you have the required documents, you can ask Linkedin to transform the profile of the deceased into a memorial account here.


  • If you do not have the required documents or are not a close family member of the deceased, you can simply report the death to Linkedin here.

Once the profile is transformed into a memorial account, access to the account is blocked.

Linkedin does not disclose user names or passwords to anyoneincluding family members.



Close account

➡ If you have the deceased's access codes

If you have the access codes of the deceased and you wish to close his account you just have to :

  • Login to your profile
  • Touch your profile picture > Preferences > Account preferences
  • Touch close account under Account Management
  • Touch a reason to close the account, then Next
  • Enter the account password and touch Done


➡ If you do not have the deceased's access codes

If you have the authorization and the required information, you can ask Linkedin to close the profile of the deceased here.

Whether you are requesting to turn the deceased's account into a memorial account or to delete it you will need:

  • The member's full name
  • The link or URL of your Linkedin profile
  • Your relationship
  • The e-mail address of this member
  • The date of his death
  • A link to a death notice

You will also need a copy of the death certificate of the member and one of the official documents that prove that you have the necessary rights to do so, such as

  • Letter from the administration
  • Letters of testament
  • Letters of representation
  • Any other court order designating the applicant as the authorized representative of the deceased member's estate.


It is therefore much more complicated not to have the access codes of an account. So don't let your friends and family in this situation!

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